90 Smashing Pixie Haircut Trends for Women in 2019

Pixie haircuts have been popular among women for a long time. This stylish haircut with a short name has a long history of being worn by a great variety of women from movie stars to politicians. You’ll be surprised at how many ways there are to style a simple pixie cut.

Trying a pixie is a must for any woman since it does wonders for elongating the neck and accentuating facial features. Over the years pixie has been modified to fit the fashion, but the cut has never gone out of style.


Trendy Pixie Hairstyles for Women

Pixie cuts can be a handful to deal with. Especially, because they are known for their need of constant maintenance and styling skills. But, they are proven to be worth the trouble. Thus, you need to start right away and think about the right length, color, and texture in order to flaunt a customized pixie made just for you. Therefore, we have put together fifty inspirational pictures to get your creative juices flowing! So, be sure to check them out below. And Happy styling!

If you have made a decision to create a charming short or long pixie haircut but don’t know which one to choose, look at this 90 list of cute pixie cuts we have prepared for you. If you take some time to study these beautiful choices, you will definitely choose the one that fits you best. Take some time to consider what you want in a pixie.


#1. A Short Pixie

short pixie haircuts for women

If you’d like to draw attention to your long neck while keeping it away from thin hair, the very short pixie is the best choice for you. Keep the bangs short as well to maintain the style. The best advantage of this pixie cut is that it’s low in maintenance.


#2. Straight Haired Pixie

pixie cut hairstyle

If your hair is thin and straight, a straight haired pixie is the best choice for you. Leaving the bangs a little longer and keeping some hair over the ears is a great way to make this pixie cut looking different from the popular short one.

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#3. Windblown Pixie

cute stylish pixie hairstyle 2016-2017

A windblown look is the best way to give your short pixie hairstyle some volume while keeping it looking charming. Long bangs and thick hair are great for a pixie look. Windblown cuts are low in maintenance and suit many women.

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#4. Textured Pixie with Long Fringe

fringed pixie haircut for women

Textured haircuts are great for those women who want to add a little volume to their hair. Textured hair is easy to manage and always looks great regardless of the weather conditions. However, this textured hairstyle needs frequent barber shop visits.


#5. Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Pixie Haircuts for Women 6-min

A very short pixie haircut can easily be turned into a stylish pixie with side swept bangs. Short fringes don’t mean that nothing can be done about them. Brush your bangs to the side to open up your forehead and create a new and improved look.


#6. Natural Pixie with Side Part

Pixie Haircuts for Women 3-min

Making a side part is a great way to change the shape of your pixie. This type of hairstyle fits women with thick short hair and a small forehead. Natural pixie with side part reduces the unnecessary volume and draws the attention away from the forehead.


#7. Highlighted Pixie

Highlighted pixie cut for black girl

Proper highlighting will add a lot of style to any pixie. If you go for a textured pixie, like the one on the picture, make sure that your highlights don’t add too much unnecessary volume to the haircut. Keep the pixie neat so the highlighting can do its job.

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#8. Shaggy Pixie Haircut

long shaggy pixie haircut

Mixing a shag haircut and a pixie might seem bold, but the result is truly fabulous. This somewhat messy pixie is a great choice for those women, whose hair is too thin to provide enough volume or too thick to make a classical pixie.


#9. Short Pixie with Copper Hues

pixie hairstyle for women with thin hair

Adding some color to your pixie is a great idea. Copper hues are the most popular coloring option for the short pixie haircuts. Make sure that this color looks good with your face type. If not, choose something less bright.


#10. Super Straight

For a result resembling the above type of women pixie cuts, you’ll have to use a lot more of hair moisturizer. Once you do it regularly, you’ll get hair smoother in no time.