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These 20 Blonde Faux Locs Styles Are Trending in 2023

Faux locs can be the refreshing new hairdo for you if you are indeed looking to do something new with your blonde hair. With this hairstyle, no one will be able to help themselves looking your way.

Blonde faux locs are not only twisted blonde hair, but there is a lot more to it. Many hairstyles can be joined with faux locs that you cannot even think of. For a new day and a refreshing start, we suggest that you opt for blonde shades.


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Below, there is a list of 20 absolutely stunning faux locs hairstyle ideas with different blonde shades that you can choose from for your next refreshing hair look:

1. Blonde and Brown Combo

blonde and brown faux locs combo

Blonde and brown is a beautiful combination, and when combined with a faux locs style, it becomes majestic. Get your hair dyed a pretty shade of blonde and brown. Style your hair into a goddess locs hairdo.

Tie the top hair at the back of the head in a side part style to complete the look. This hairdo is bound to give you a great look without putting in a lot of effort.


2. Girls Mohawk with Undercut

blonde faux locs with undercut

Who doesn’t love luscious Mohawk hair? If you also want this long undercut hairstyle for women, then ask your stylist to dye your hair luscious blonde shade and give them a faux locs look.

Tie the faux locs into a ponytail and add an undercut to the side and back hair to finish your style. You cannot simply resist this hairstyle at all.

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3. Short Blonde Balayage

blonde ombre faux locs

Blonde balayage is the perfect balayage style in today’s world. Get your short faux locs dyed a blonde shade balayage with darker tips.

This hairstyle not only gives you an ideal look but also adds to your personality. With this hairstyle, you can go out anytime any day with pure confidence.


4. Punk Faux Locs

punk blonde faux locs

If you are into punk style, then this is the hairstyle that you should get. The next time you visit a salon, get your blonde hair styled into a faux locs and sweep them to one side.

Add some funky chunks of colors to the edges of your hair to look fabulous. The punk look will bring out the real you in the most fun way.


5. Classic Long Blonde Hair

blonde faux locs for women

Classic blonde hair is everyone’s favorite. If you have long hair, this hairdo is a perfect style. Get your hair dyed blonde and let them flow over your shoulders and your back to give you a super stylish look.

Add a ribbon to the front faux loc for added perfection. Do not hesitate to get this hairdo because blonde is an ever-trendy hairstyle.


6. Braided Ponytail

Greyish blonde faux locs are not only pretty but are super trendy as well. With darker roots and thick faux locs combined with grey lower hair, this hairdo becomes your every time go-to look for all the events and leisure strolls on the streets.

Do not worry, no one is going to judge you for your looks but instead, will love you for what you have done to your hair.


7. Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde is a beautiful shade for your faux locs hair. Also an added creamy blonde strand and a random curly ribbon of hair adds to your ideal hairdo and will make you shine all the time. Someone rejecting  this hairstyle is out of the question.


8. Blonde and Black Crochet Hair

Blonde and black is a classic color combination for your hair. Combine this beautiful color combination with crochet faux locs to add massively to your style.

Triangular parts make this style even more desirable, and a shell ring will add perfection to this hairdo. Blonde and black crochet hair knit into faux locs is simply irresistible.


9. Half Up Half Down Hair

Blonde hair is not only for white girls, but it’s also for black girls too. Get your hair dyed a creamy shade of blonde. Tie half of the hair into a topknot and let loose the other half over your shoulders.

It is guaranteed that with this blonde colored faux locs hairstyle; you are going to be the limelight of every show.


10. Boho Platinum Blonde Ombre Hair

platinum blonde ombre faux locs

It is time that you go with your boho style and add a platinum blonde ombre to your faux locs hair. Blonde ombre gives your hair a trendy look. The colorful ribbons add to your boho style and make you look super stylish. Go out with confidence and bohemian you!

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11. Blonde Hair with Brown Underneath

For a messy goddess locs look, ask your stylist to knit your hair into faux locs style with curly edges. Dye your hair into two different shades of creamy blonde and light brown hair.

You are going to be a stunner once you get this hairdo. Messy hair isn’t always fun, but messy goddess locs are straight out of heaven material.


12. Half Bun

Half bun in platinum blonde hair looks utterly fabulous. Weave all of your hair into faux locs and round them up into a bun while leaving the lower hair covering your back for a cool style. Time to show off your pretty hair!


13. Platinum Blonde and Honey Blonde Mix

Honey blonde and the platinum blonde mix is the perfect combo you could ask for. Get your faux locs hair dyed into honey blonde and platinum blonde mix.

Style those faux locs using beads and don’t forget to add some random strands of platinum blonde curly hair to this hairstyle.


14. Blonde Hair + Dark Roots

Side-swept blonde hair with dark roots is the look you have been craving for. Get your hair dyed a blonde shade and style it into faux locs with curls hair stretching from the mid-length of the faux locs. This hairstyle will make you look super stylish and trendy without putting in a lot of effort.

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15. Long Faux Locs

black and blonde faux locs

If you have long hair, then get your hair woven into faux locs. Dye them into partially black and partially platinum blonde faux locs for a mixed look.

Style this hairdo with rolled edges and put some beads on them to complete your look. Both these colors, when combined with faux locs, can shower with you with love and appreciation from everywhere.


16. Maroon Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Maroon hair with blonde highlights is a faux locs look that will make you a trendsetter in an instant. Blonde highlights will add to your maroon hair massively.

Add golden beads and springs to your blonde and maroon faux locs hair to complete your style. Pretty hair color and faux locs are essential, but hair accessories are essential too so, don’t ever neglect your hair accessories.


17. Blonde Bob

If you like bob, then the best way to get bob haircut is by styling your blonde hair into a faux locs hairdo. Get your hair dyed a blonde shade and style them with black ribbons and metal beads to look super cool. faux locs combined with bob will make people drop their jaws.


18. Blonde Topknot

If black girls can rock faux locs look than white girls can do that too. So, white girls get ready to get your blonde hair turned into beautiful faux locs.

Tie your hair into a high raised topknot while throwing the rest of the lower hair over your shoulders to complete your look. Faux locs can suit every hair type so, styling your straight blonde hair into faux locs should not ever be a problem.


19. Blonde with Pink Highlights

blonde faux locs with pink highlights

Blonde side-swept faux locs look really amazing, and when combined with pink highlights, their beauty increases by many folds.

Add subtle curls to the edges of the faux locs for a trendy look that will make you stand out of the crowd with ease. Pastel hues to your blonde hair can prove to be a massive success for your side-swept hair.

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20. Half Tied Blonde Curls

blonde half tied faux locs

Blonde half-tied faux locs mixed with curly strands of hair is a hairstyle that no one can resist. Get your hair dyed a blonde shade and woven into faux locs combined with curly strands. Tie the top half hair using a hair clip, and your look is complete.


Blonde faux locs are not just any hair type; they are an absolute style statement. This hairdo is for the ones who are always up for an adventure or a hair experiment. So, if you are the adventure type, then don’t forget to get faux locs hairdo on your next visit to the salon.