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High Taper Fade: The Most Jaw Dropping Ideas You Can’t Miss

Out of all the hairstyles for men to choose from, the fade haircut ranks on top as a favorite and the high taper fade is the shortest one. Its sharp lines that add definition to the face work well for enhancing your best facial features no matter your face shape. 

A taper fade is a type of men’s haircut whose sides gradually get shorter, beginning just above the temples and extending down toward the neckline. The shortest, or most bare, area is around the ears. 

The way a high taper fade starts barely at the ears and reaches up to longer top hair ensures whatever style you’re rocking up top won’t be missed. Many men love the contrast created by mixing an edgy fade with hair styled up top. If you love a haircut with room for personalization, a taper fade haircut may be in your future!


High Taper Fade Styles

Feel confident all the time by opting for one of the 25 high taper fade haircuts below!

1. Buzz Cut with Fade

high tapered buzz cut fade

If a low-maintenance haircut is your goal, then you’ll appreciate the simplistic style of a buzz cut with a high taper fade. The length is the same all around and it requires virtually no styling!


2. Curly Mohawk with Taper Fade

high curly taper fade


If your hair is as curly as the above look, it would be a crime to shave it off! Instead, frame the mohawk with an edgy punk look like a tapered high fade. The precision of the sides and temples lead to a hot texture up top.


3. Brush Up Hair 

high taper fade with wavy top hair

For shorter hair that has some wave to it, scrunch in a little mousse to enhance that hot texture. A high taper fade will help keep your hair from looking like a bushy mess!


4. High Taper with Widow’s Peak

High tapered fade with quiff

If you have a really pronounced widow’s peak, a high taper haircut won’t let you down when it comes to looking good. This style features a longer top with soft curls. The whole look definitely flatters the widow’s peak.


5. Natural Black Hair with Highlights

high taper haircut with design

Black men rocking the curly textured look need to put a taper fade on their must-try list! Not only do those curls look rich and sexy when let loose, but you can also personalize the high fade by adding a few shaved-in lines.


6. Straight Combed Forward

high tapered skin fade

For men whose hair texture is naturally straight, try a haircut that features hair combed directly forward. You’ll get a flat but slightly spiked look up top accompanied by the clean-cut fade.


7. Mullet with High Taper Fade

high tapered mullet fade


When a stylist adds a high taper fade to a mullet hairstyle, the result is more punk country boy than hillbilly. That choppy haircut up top is sexy whether styled with hair product or left as morning bedhead.


8. Messy Layers

caesar cut with taper fade

If you’re not good with styling hair, just go with short layers and a tapered fade haircut. If you know how to use a comb, you can “style” this look! Of course, the messy vibe is always a hot look.


9. Masculine Haircut

high tapered haircut for men with beard

A tapered crew cut with about an inch of hair on top is still short and easy to maintain. The faded sides make this men’s haircut ruggedly handsome, especially when paired with a thick full beard!


10. Curly Man Pony

men's dreadlocks style with high taper fade

For men who are rocking long hair and wear it in a man bun or ponytail often, adding a high taper fade will give your look that dash of edge to bring it to the next level. We love this long curly haircut’s shortened sides.


11. Hard Part with Waves

high taper fade haircut for men with glasses

The hard part is a men’s haircut detail that can quickly and easily switch up the entire vibe of your look. Use it to separate a high fade from long wavy hair neatly combed to the side.


12. Thick Brush Up

pompadour with high taper fade

Some men have naturally fuller hair and that is something you can definitely rock better with a taper fade! Use a blow dryer to shape your volume and create this sleek brushed-up hairstyle.


13. Taper Fade with Braids

man braids with high taper fade


Braids are an easy hairstyle to maintain if you don’t want to spend too much time on styling. These man braids create a detailed fohawk and with a high taper fade, it’ll look like you spent a lot of time on your hair.


14. Messy Man Bun

man bun with high taper fade


How clean-cut and handsome is this man bun with its messy texture and crisp taper fade lines? With buzzed sides all around, your look will always be on point.


15. Afro Fohawk

The thick curly texture of this fohawk on natural hair looks so much better with a high taper fade. Not only does it give some shape to your hair, but the cut is also something you can maintain easily at home with your own clippers


16. Round Face Taper Fade

short hair with high taper fade


If you have a really round curved face, you can still rock a trendy high taper fade! Just combine it with a rugged buzz cut. Although your face shape will be accentuated, this men’s haircut will flatter those angles.


17. Rounded High Taper Fade

black guy with high taper fade

Any black guy with a tapered high fade will look heartbreaking. Go for a buzz cut if you want a low-maintenance hairdo that will make you look sharp and fresh all the time.


18. Short Twists 

afro taper fade for black men

A taper fade for black men styles perfectly with Afro hair, especially if you use a twist sponge. It is affordable, easy to use, and you can buy it from any drugstore. Facing the hair, start creating circled motions with the sponge to build the curls.


19. High Fade with Waves

curly hair taper fade for black men

Here comes another bad boy look. The hair length is too short, and the fade gradually disappears even before reaching the ear. The combination of fade haircuts with a beard that is higher in volume gives a boost to your look.


20. Soft Spikes with Hard Part 

taper fade with low haircuts

This high fade hairstyle involves a gradual reduction in the length of side hair till it fades into invisibility towards the temples. This taper fade haircut for black men can be a perfect option for those who are looking for convenience plus style and uniqueness as well. Know about the differences between taper vs fade here.


21. Short Wavy Hair 


Here comes another combination of fade with the beard, but the thing that is complementing this haircut is the shaved edges. The crown area hair has natural curls enhancing the look and boosting volume.


22. Bald Fade

best taper fade haircuts

A bald fade is much better than the typical bald and it looks more appealing if combined with a well-trimmed beard. A decently managed quality fade haircut will certainly add style points to your personality.


23. Short Curls and High Fade

mens curly taper fade hairstyle

Black men have curly and often hard to manage hair. So, most taper fades are designed to hide that fact by cutting the hair as short as possible. However, there is no reason to get rid of all the pretty curls. Leave at least some on top to create a neat look.


24. Voluminous Waves with Taper

taper fade haircut for men 26-min

This very high taper fade style might look fantastic but is pretty hard to achieve. Styling the top part of the hair will take some time and a lot of hair cosmetics. This style is great for special occasions but will be a hassle for everyday wear.


25. Large Forehead with High Fade

For a clean hairstyle for men, choose a fade that segues into a close shave cut. This look is perfect for guys who want a low-maintenance look.


As you’ve seen above, there are many ways to rock a high taper fade haircut. Expand on your current haircut by adding in an edgy fade or creating a whole new look. If you need inspiration, check out your favorite celeb’s high fade haircut. The cut you opt for only depends on how much styling and maintenance you want to put in.