15 Stunning Examples of Purple Hair Highlights

Hair highlighting gives you a youthful yet elegant look. Some women may feel out of place with the wild looks. Highlights are safe and perfect. Since it blends with all types of hair textures and styles, it is a must for the modern woman.

For instance, women who want to have an exotic look may try the purple highlights. The purple shade enhances confidence by making you stand out from the crowd. Thus you get the commanding look and are easily noticeable.


Best Purple Highlights Ideas for Women

Ideally, the purple hair color is open to any woman who wants to explore her femininity. This highlights style covers all age brackets and hairstyles.

If you wish to experiment with the wild and free side of your heart, then this is for you. Take a look at the 15 stunning purple highlighted hairstyles you can easily explore.

1. Curly Purple Pixie

purple highlights on short curly hair

The young and upcoming women are versatile and free at heart. This highlights on curly hair blends well with a black background. In experimenting with the two, your final product is a sexy and beautiful look. Again, you can have it without much maintenance.

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4. Purple and Black Hair with Undercut

short purple hair highlights with undercut

Natural dark hair goes well with bright highlights. Silver stripe patches on the black stand out well. Adding the glittering dark purple hair highlights gives the woman a glaring stunning presence.

As you explore with your hairstyle, incorporate this blending for a magnificent crowning. This is a must for the undercut lovers.


5. Wavy Bob with Highlights

purple highlights on medium hair

Exaggerating things can be harmful. Having a simple yet elaborate blend is compelling. Purple streaks down the black hair are a natural outlook. Easy to notice, it does not scream out like a vagabond. If you are searching for a new look when schools open, this is perfect for you.


6. Purple Babylights

Black hair indeed goes with any occasion. But incorporating some purple highlights gives it punch in style. A shadow of brown makes it more appealing. Yet, a purple flowing overtone is a gift to your hair. For that feminine and composed look, try this for your confidence.


8. Blonde Hair with Purple Highlights

Black and beige come out well on any day. Weaving your hair into edgy curls will enhance your beauty. But, introducing the purple and threads of black in the mix elevates your features. For that bright and innocent girl outlook, try this for a complete change.

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11. Face-framing Highlights

Mixing colors is perfect art. A highlights in purple undertone in free-flowing caramel locks is a marvel. This simple mix turns you into a fun-loving woman. Again, its cheeky outlook fits in any outdoor event. If you are stuck in choice, the most popular outdoor look is here.




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14. Shy and Feminine

purple hair highlights

Most of the women who prefer to keep their feminine side above everything else prefer this outlook. The intertwining of brown hair with purple highlights exposes the young girl in you.


15. Asian Highlights

red hair with purple highlights

If you are the cheeky woman with a fun-loving heart, red hair with purple lowlights is the blend for you. With a waterfall with bangs flowing hair, the two colors bring elegance without much effort. Try this for the sexy, sassy diva look.


Purple shade blend in with all types of hair colors. With the 15 purple hair highlighting ideas above, we believe you have an idea or two. So next time you want to make a hair statement, you have a wide range from which you can sample.