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20 Flattering Hair Colors For Morena Skin

If you’re a Filipina woman, you’re probably familiar with how your skin tone is referred to as morena. Morena skin color is brown, caramel, or tanned.

Ladies with morena skin typically have dark hair, whether that’s black or a shade of brown. We all know how important it is to find a hair color that flatters our skin tone. No lady wants a hair color that clashes with her tone, making us look completely out of place or unnatural. 

If you have morena skin, you’re lucky in that you can pull off a plethora of hair colors. Different shades of blonde and brown are suitable on their own, or you can add highlights in contrasting or complementing colors. For the truly playful and bold Morena who likes vibrant colors, reds and even greens can be used with your natural color to make a whole new look.

So style up your short hair into a side parted bob with blonde balayage to flatter your morena skin, embrace long straight auburn hair with red or light blonde highlights, or make your own creation! Just be sure to use our favorite 20 beautiful hair colors for morena skin below for inspiration. We won’t steer you wrong!

The Best Hair Colors for Morena Skin

Any of these beautiful hair colors below are a great choice to complement a Morena’s lovely skin tone!

1. Blonde or Balayage

Grey Hair Color for Morena Skin

A Morenas skin tone deserves a gorgeous shade to complement its own coloring, so try a shoulder length haircut in blonde or with blonde balayage and a dark base. Gorgeous loose waves will show off the blend of colors.

2. Chocolate Brown Hair

Black Hair Color For Morena Skin

A chocolate brown hair color is a classic choice. Its rich tone will bring out the brown in your eyes as well. This cute wavy bob is an adorable and chic way to style it, perfect for work, date nights, and for weekend relaxing!

3. Light Blonde

Blonde Hair Color For Morena Skin

Don’t get stuck thinking you need to stick to dark colors to best complement your olive skin tone. A beautiful light blonde hair color will bring warmth to your face and slightly off set your dark eyes. A long hairstyle parted off-center is practically model-worthy!

4. Red Brown

Brown Hair Color For Morena Skin

Red brown is one hair color combination that is a must-try for Morenas. The reddish tone on dark or medium brown will catch the sunlight easily to show off its tone. Wear the hair up in two half ponytails for dimension.

5. Purple Ombre Hair

Magenta Hair Color For Morena Skin

Is your natural hair color a dark brown or black? Get out of the box a little bit with dark purple and magenta ombre. These colors will look great with your skin; the colors will also look their best on long hair where there’s more space to show it off.

6. Medium Red with Dark Blonde Roots

Orange Hair Color For Morena Skin

Love a fierce unusual hair color? This long curly hairstyle features dark blonde roots that lead to a rich light red hair color. The lightness will make your dark eyes pop beautifully as well as show off your skin.

7. Brown Hair Blonde Highlights

Balayage Hair Color for Morena Skin

When summer starts, it’s almost necessary to have a blonde hairstyle! If you’re not wanting to go full blonde, keep your natural base color but add in very light blonde highlights in chunky widths. Blonde is one hair color that will always look great with any skin tone.

8. Dark Red/Burgundy

Dark Hair Color For Morena Skin

Not many women can pull off a beautiful dark color, but burgundy or a dark red hair color, as seen here, are stunning on Morena skin. This textured medium haircut is full of body to show off the color.

9. Auburn Hair

A shiny auburn graces long hair here. This hair color is the same shade as the skin for a seamless fashionable haircut. Don’t worry if your dark roots peek through at the top!

10. Auburn and Medium Brown

Both dark and auburn brown hair colors are visible on this Morena’s long hairstyle. To dress it up for a fancy occasion, add soft waves, part it off-center, and wear it over the shoulder.

12. Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights

Hair Highlights For Morena Skin

For a summer hairstyle, you can be proud of, embrace your chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights! The two colors blend together like delicious edible chocolate.

13. Light Green Highlights

Hair Color Ideas For Morena Skin

Feel like freshening up your dark hair but don’t want to commit to anything too drastic? Some thin light blue highlights on the top of your hair will make a cool contrast to dark hair and skin.

14. Light Brown on Medium Brown

Hair Color For Girl with Morena Skin

For the Morena who has never colored her hair, a subtle and easy change to make is adding light brown highlights or balayage. This thin layered long haircut shows off the colors beautifully. 

15. Medium Blonde Balayage

Ombre Hair Color For Morena Skin

To highlight skin tone and bring warmth to the face, simply add medium or light blonde balayage. On a choppy bob with short wavy layers, the hair colors are perfect for making that beachy look. 

16. Dark Red with Caramel Highlights

Morena Skin Hair Color Ideas

A dark red hair color is spicy and elegant at the same time, especially when you add caramel or light blonde highlights. Leave your long straight hair loose to boast the hair colors!

17. Blonde Shadow Roots

The shadow root technique is an ideal hair coloring method for Morenas. The dark brunette base will blend smoothly with blonde hair for a natural looking result. This lady’s long straight hair parted off center makes a perfect example of the shadow root method.

18. Bright Red and Light Green

Multi Hair Color Ideas For Morena Skin

Are you a bold lady wanting a truly new electrifying hairstyle? Go for light green and bright red hair color. You can split up the hair colors evenly like above so there’s noticeable definition or blend them together evenly throughout the hair.

19. Sea Green Ombre

Bring out your inner mermaid every day by going for a sea green ombre. The bright color is a cheery contrast to a dark brown or blonde base. It will certainly help you flaunt your olive skin tone. 

20. Black Hair with Red Highlights

Best Hair Color Ideas For Morena Skin

Both dark brown and a black base will look edgy and beautiful with light red highlights. Not only do the colors make your skin even more tanned and glowing, but they’ll also emphasize your gorgeous dark brown eyes too. Try the colors on a short shoulder-length haircut parted at the side or throw up in a loose bun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about choosing hair colors for a morena skin tone.

What is a morena skin tone?

Morena is a word used to describe Filipino women with dark tan skin and dark hair. These are common physical traits for people who are of fully Filipino descent.

Morena women often experience colorism and aren’t as included in the beauty industry. However, morena women have beautiful features that work well with various hair colors. 

What is the natural hair color of morena girls?

Morena women, or Filipino women with dark skin, will usually have dark hair. Although the stereotypical image of morena women is someone with both dark skin and hair, there are many women with dark skin and light brown hair. 

Does ash gray hair look good on morena skin?

Ash gray hair looks beautiful on morena skin. Ash gray is a blonde or light brown shade with a hint of gray, which is an excellent color for bringing out the warm tones in morena skin. The gray will create an edgy and more modern take on typical blonde hair. 

What’s the best hair color for morena girls?

Dark skin is incredibly versatile when it comes to hair color, and a morena woman could probably pull off any shade. Many women with tan skin tones like to use warm colors that bring out the honey and caramel tones in their skin. Examples include golden blonde, bronze, and deep red.

Is red hair color good for morena skin?

Red hair looks gorgeous on morena skin. The warmth of red hair pairs perfectly with warm tan skin. Deep, warm shades of red with hints of brown work best with morena skin. 

Brown or blonde: which hair color suits morena skin best?

Brown and blonde hair both suit morena skin well. Whether you choose brown or blonde, be sure to pick a warm tone that flatters your beautiful skin color. 

From dark brown, blonde, and auburn, to more fun colors like light green and bright electric red, Morenas are blessed to be able to flaunt all the gorgeous hair colors out there. 

So which hair color will you start with? We think it’s a given: if you like a bold haircut with vibrant colors, go with the green ombre or electric red highlights! If you’re a more neutral Morena who prefers to stick to neutral shades, try an auburn or rich chocolate with caramel highlights. If you like both, there’s no reason you can’t start with one hair color, wear it for three months, then try the next hair color! 

Make sure you share your final photos with us to let us know which of the above gorgeous hair colors for Morena skin you chose!