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31 Best High Drop Fade Haircuts for Every Hair Type

We all have our own opinions about what a good haircut is. But if you are looking for something different, you should follow the trend. And high drop fade haircuts are a new trend taking the fashion world by storm. With the hair faded high at the sides and longer on top, this style has become popular among men of all ages.

The haircut is extremely versatile as you can style it in many ways and is perfect for those with short to medium-length hair.


Macho High Drop Fade Haircuts & Styles

There are multiple ways you can achieve the high drop fade haircuts with varying degrees of difficulty— try out one or two looks below.

1. Man Bun With Drop Fade

man bun with high drop fade

The style has longer hair on the top to create a top knot bun while the side is drop faded. You can pull it back for the bun and secure it with a hairband. It is perfect for those who want to look neat and fresh.


2. French Crop

French Crop with High Drop Fade

It is also a great haircut for those who are always on the go. Combining the high fade dropping at the back will help you to get rid of those annoying split ends on the sides. It has a clean, sleek finish that looks great on any occasion.


3. Faded Hard Part

high drop fade with hard part

The high drop fade with a hard part will give you the look of a shaved side while you have medium hair on the top. It gives the illusion of a fuller, thicker head of hair. You can style with a comb or brush using some hair cream or gel.


4. Dreadlocks + Fade

high drop fade for black guys

While dreadlocks are a hassle to take care of, high fading on the side makes it easy to control as it reduces the number of dreads. It suits best black men with round or oval face shapes.


5. Drop Fade for Older Men

high drop fade haircut for older men

The style is a little longer on the top and gradually gets shorter as it goes down. The sides and the back are cut close to the scalp to a drop fade, which is great for older men who want to look younger.


6. Quiff + Drop Fade

quiff with High Drop Fade

Quiff is for the man who likes to keep it simple and likes to have a clean-cut look. It is a more modern take on the traditional quiff when styled with a high drop fade. Due to its low maintenance style, it is perfect for men who have a busy lifestyle


7. Buzz Cut Fade

very short hair with high drop fade

The hair is cut short all around the head. Many celebrities, athletes, and musicians made this style a habit. This short-uniformed length style is great for people who have receding hair.


8. Short Dreads 

men's dreads with high drop fade

It is one of the most common looks for African-American men. This hairstyle is characterized by a high cut drop fade on the sides and back and a long, unkempt, and unprocessed hair on the top. The hairdo can be a great way to show off your dreads in the summer.


9. Skin Fade + Short Chop

high drop fade with beard

If you’re looking for a stylish drop fade hairstyle that will flatter most face shapes, you can try high skin fade with a short chop. You can achieve this look by trimming your hair short on the sides and cutting it short on the top. Whether you have curly or straight, this style can be an excellent choice for anyone.


10. Drop Taper

high tapered drop fade

This type of faded haircut is perfect for people with fine hair because it doesn’t require that much styling. It starts with cutting the hair very high on the head, just above the ears, and cutting the hair down until it forms a taper at the bottom of the head.


11. Bald Fade

high bald drop fade cut

The high bald fade is another latest trend to catch on. Men who want to try this style should have medium-length voluminous hair at the top. Start by cutting off all of your hair above your forehead to get a lineup, and then trim around your head.


12. Shadow Fade

high drop fade on curly hair

If you have curly hair and want to achieve a sleek, straight look, try shadow drop fade. Crop short the hair to reduce the appearance of curls. To do this style, start by cutting your hair short on the sides and take your time to make sure that the high fade is evenly distributed throughout your hair.


13. Disconnected High Drop Fade

high drop fade cut with line


Whether you want to go for a clean, professional look or add some edge to your casual style, a drop fade disconnected with razored line style is a great way to do it. By fading the hair on the sides and back of your head high, you can create an elegant style that will compliment any facial features.


14. Faded Fohawk

high drop faded fohawk

It is a gradual fade starting at the scalp and working its way down to the ends. This faded fohawk is perfect for someone who wants to add a little bit of personality to their look without going overboard.


15. High Drop Fade with Waves

high drop fade with waves


360 waves are a perfect way to style the top part of your fade. In order for the ocean waves to make the best impression, you need to use a high drop fade.

The skin should be exposed as much as possible to create a contrast with the top ocean waves. The only downside of this style is that not everyone can create these waves on their own since they require special styling tools.


16. High And Layered Drop Fade

layered high drop fade


This is another classic approach to a drop fade. It’s a good choice for men with thick and straight hair. The layers on top slowly turn into the faded layers on the sides.

The fade drops behind the ears and goes to the back. This is a high fade that is very close to an undercut. It’s a great solution for guys who hate it when the hair gets into their faces.


17. Medium Shaped-Up Drop Fade

shaped up drop fade

The fans of high hair and shaped-up will appreciate this drop fade haircut. It’s created to take care of the hair on the sides and the bottom while keeping the top high and neat.

Usually, such a high top looks great with all fade levels, including high and low. We believe that the medium option is the most attractive, especially for black men with unruly hair.


18. High Drop Fade with Shaved Back

A high drop fade is exactly what you need to feel free and forget about heavy-duty maintenance. This men’s haircut takes this approach one step further by shaving the back.

The more hair you take off, the more time you’ll have until the next barbershop appointment. Don’t hesitate to ask the stylist for the shaved back. The fade haircut looks perfect with it.


19. High Fade with Pompadour

A perfectly finished pompadour and a classical drop fade offer a trendy twist to the entire elegant look. Variations of pompadours work well with thinner hair as well. Balance is extremely important for this cut in order to maintain the uniqueness of this hairstyle.


20. Fade with Elephant Trunk

For a messy look, try this casual hairstyle with a shorter elephant trunk.


21. Faux Hawk + Drop Fade 

The combination of high disconnected fade and faux hawk hairstyle offers an edgy and stylish look. This hairstyle has a perfect attitude.


22. High And Tight

This is a classic men’s hairstyle that is a stunning updated version for people who love the combination of new and old hairstyles.


23. Tapered Neckline

This manly tapered hairstyle is perfect for people with matte and curly hair. The tapered neckline along with the faded hairstyle gives a fuller look to the hair even if the hair is short enough.


24. High Fade with Line Design

The uniform short hair with drop fade looks very stylish with tapered hair on the back. The hair is cut very short while the razored line changes the overall look.


25. Short Curls And Drop Fade

If you have curly hair and you prefer keeping them short, then go for high drop fade with short curls on top and a perfectly done shave by the barber.


Some High Drop Fade Haircuts Are Worth A Try


High drop fade haircuts offer a modern, edgy look that can be tailored to your individual style. With so many choices available, finding the right style is easy.