9 Amazing Blonde Hairstyles for Green-Eyed Women

If you have green eyes and blonde hair, chances are you are always busy responding to compliments. Not only is this combination relatively rare, but also terribly striking.

Green is such a gorgeous eye color and the blonde hair is almost a natural fit to it. As a result, those who are blessed with it have a relatively wide range of options to try out.


Epic Blonde Hairstyles for Green Eyes

These are our 9 hottest blonde hairstyles and haircuts that will suit the women with green eyes perfectly.

1. Side Part Bob

layered blonde hair for green eyed women

In case you wear your hair medium, this is one of the easiest options to try for. It helps you highlight the natural grace of the blonde hair coupled with green eyes.

The hair falls beautifully on the face and adds sparkle to the green glow of your eyes. This is one of the best examples of effortless styling done right.

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2. Blonde Hair with Bangs

blonde hair with bangs for women with green eyes

Blonde hair with bangs is decidedly one of those naturally charming hairstyles that are hard to ignore. It is cool, casual and absolutely gorgeous. In fact, it keeps the natural charm of this style intact.

It is effortless, stylish and easy to maintain. What makes it an outright winner is the fact that it clearly highlights the natural green eyes in the best possible light.


3. Bangs with Layers

blonde haircut for green eyes

If you like to wear your hair rather long and keep it open, then you must go for this styling. Apart from the fringes in the front, it is pretty much a conventional classic style to wear your hair.

It is one of those styles that will always keep you a step ahead of peers and give you the much need edge on beauty and grace.

When you step outside with these light blonde hair and the deep green eyes nestled in between, it is hard to resist the charm of beauty beyond convention. I am sure you will be used to it by now.


4. Shaggy Bob

shaggy blonde bob with green eyes

Nothing complicated about this style, it is all about a cool countenance and a casual air around. Naturally, beautiful features do not need a lot of embellishments. This blonde hairstyle with dark roots is one of the best examples of the same.

This natural blonde hair is offset beautifully by the green eyes and makes for an extremely attractive combination. This is a style that you can carry well in formal as well as casual occasions.


5. Blonde with Green Ombre

blonde hair green eyes

But if you want the further emphasis of the green color, the ends can be highlighted with a green shade matching your eyes. It brings in a brand new dimension in cool and edgy hairstyling.

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6. Messy Top Knot

For those who like to keep their hair rather simple, this top knot in dirty blonde hair perfectly complements the eye color. It is cool, casual and extremely easy to maintain.

Moreover, this is a style that can easily pass off as formal if you tie the bun a bit carefully.


7. Box Braids

If you are a fan of elaborate hairstyles, then this is a style tailor-made for you. It is easily one of the best ways to show off the natural sheen and shine of the blonde hair.

It brings in a naturally bright glow to the whole face and highlights the delicate features to the hilt. It is, however, a style that suits Friday night parties the best.


8. Long Bob Balayage

long blonde bob with green eyes

When you have naturally good looking hair color, all you need is a style that highlights it. The long bob works brilliantly for this blonde balayage haircut.

When paired along with her green eyes, it offers just the right kind of background to show off the beautiful eye color in a meaningful way.

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9. Messy Bun

messy blonde hair for green eyed girl

If you are comfortable in keeping your hair open completely, the messy bun offers a middle path for you. This again helps in highlighting the natural grace and glamour of the sandy blonde hair color.

It is also easy to maintain the style that does not require a strict care regime.


Green eyes with blonde hair is a match made in heaven, but for the style to come out well, proper execution is important. That is what will bring out the true essence of the styling.

Natural and simple styling is the buzzword when you are dealing with such absolute and naturally complementing elements. All of it together makes for a compelling style that will always stand out.