20 Natural Ghana Braids for Women Who Love Hair Extensions

Ghana braids might look just like cornrows, but they are a bit different. The braiding technique applied when creating these braids differs in the very beginning. When you start doing cornrows, you create a large loop near the edges which takes the subtlety out of the extensions. When creating Ghana braids, this loop is concealed and the hair looks more natural. At the very beginning of the braiding process only small amounts of hair extensions are used and then the volume increases gradually. Eventually, you get a more voluminous appearance.


Popular and Creative Ghana Braids Styles

There are many different approaches to Ghana braids. All depends on your style and the imagination. You can create these braids on your own if you already know how to do cornrows. If you don’t, perhaps you should consider starting with the classic cornrow braids. If you don’t feel like learning a new technique, you can go the barber shop for a professional assistance. Professionally-made braids usually last longer and look more natural. Consider creating one of the below Ghana braid styles the next time you feel up to making a few changes to your hair.


1. Low bun ghana braids

Low bun ghana braids hairstyle for black girl

One of the main advantages of Ghana braids is that they add volume to the overall style but the size of your hair is not overdone. This means you can easily use regular hairstyles without having to deal with huge chunks of hair.


2. Criss-cross

ghana braids 2

There are several ways you can separate the strands before weaving in the hair extensions. If you follow the crisscross method, you’ll eventually end up with a nice pattern on top of your head that is well-complimented by silver extensions.

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3. Ocean waves

little girl Ocean waves ghana braids cut

The way you arrange the braids in the process of creation dictates your overall style. You can make the ocean waves, go for the classics, or cross them as randomly as you wish. All depends on your imagination.


4. Palm tree

ghana braids 4

This Ghana braid arrangement makes the top part of your head look like a palm tree. A beautiful pattern is a vital part of a braided hairstyle. You can outline the design by keeping the hair tight and tied.

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5. Braid mix

ghana braids 5

Mixing cornrows and Ghana braids allow you to come up with the other various interesting hairstyles. You can take this example and elaborate on it. Mohawks, fohawks, undercuts – make your choice and go for it.

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