9 Types of Curly Hairstyles for Men Trending Right Now

The internet is chock-full of styling options for women with curly hair, but it’s no secret that options for men are a little harder to find. If you’re a man with curly hair, you may feel limited when it comes to styling and finding the right cut for your face, but whether your hair type is wavy, curly or coily, there’s a variety of long and short curly haircuts for men that’ll suit your look and taste.

First thing’s first, however! Before you learn what curly haircut is right for your face, you’ll have to know what face shape you possess.


face shapes men

Take a look at the above face shape chart for men. Have you found the one that you fall under? If so, it’s time to take a look at these haircuts and find the one that’ll look best on you!

Different Hairstyles for Men With Curly Hair

Curly hair is always an attractive option for men if done properly. You can opt a completely unique curly hairstyle combining any other hairstyle available. That’s the beauty of curly hair. Never consider your curly hair as a burden, rather consider it as the natural styling product given to you for free by the creator! Below are some cool & trendy curly hairstyles for men you can give a shot. Always consider your face shape & size before choosing any of the following curly hairstyles.

#1: Curly Undercut

curly undercut for men

The undercut is a classic haircut that can take a man’s curly hair from typical to trendy. Shaved on the sides and back and fuller on top, it’s a great style for men that can be both professional and fashionable.

How to style

curly undercut men

After washing hair, use smooth moisturizer and a curling cream through wet hair. Doing this while hair is wet reduces the likelihood of frizz and keeps your curl pattern uniform. For volume, you can use an afro pick to fluff your roots.

Ideal face shape

Longer faces such as oval, diamond or triangle.

How to maintain

To refresh this style after a night’s sleep, run your fingers through your hair to get rid of flatness and restore volume, being sure not to disturb the curl pattern. If you have coily or kinky hair, you can use an afro pick again to give your hair its volume back. Don’t brush or comb while your hair is dry or you might end up with a head of unruly frizz!


#2: Faded Mohawk


Another gorgeous haircut for men with curly hair. The popular Mohawk meets the fade in this bold, eye-catching haircut. A long or short Mohawk can be a guy’s choice for this cut, and if he’s extra daring, a pop of color or bleached tips on curly hair are stunning to see.

How to style

mohawk fade

On wet hair, apply your moisturizer. For looser curls, a light moisturizing spray may be enough, but tighter curl patterns benefit from cream moisturizers and oils to keep them hydrated. After moisturizing, apply a curling cream, jelly or gel to your hair to hold and define your curls.

Ideal face shape

Oval, oblong, triangular, diamond

How to maintain

Lightly mist your Mohawk with water to re-activate the product. You may need to fluff your mane a bit to restore body.

#3: High Top

hightop curly men hair

The high top is extremely popular among modern day men’s haircuts, mostly so with curly or afro-textured hair. It’s a haircut that’s often worn by young teenagers and exudes confidence as well as style. It’s usually coupled with a fade, but can be done with a full head of hair as well.

How to style

boy curly hair

Using gel or a curling jelly/styler, define your curls or coils while your hair is wet. Kinkier textures can use an afro pick to fluff up their roots for more volume.

Ideal face shape

This cut works for all face shapes.

How to maintain

Re-pick or fluff your hair each morning to bring it back to life.


#4: Windswept Curls

Windswept curls for men

For the simple, laid-back or even lazy guy, windswept curls are a godsend. They don’t require much maintenance or effort, but they definitely hit the mark on creating a mysterious, sexy cut.

How to style

On wet hair, simple rake your favorite moisturizer and curl definer through your hair, shake and go. It’s that simple. As your hair dries naturally, it’ll form into these effortless curls that frame your face perfectly.

Ideal face shape

Works well on all face shapes, especially oval, diamond and triangle

How to maintain

Wake and shake – seriously! With this style, your hair length means that all you have to do is shake your hair back into place to make it full of life and body again.


#5: Fringe With Curls

One of the most amazing curly hairstyles for men with a mid-length hair. For a shorter, fuller look, a fringe is great for guys who aren’t too daring but want to show a little style in their look. Shorter at the back and sides and longer at the front, the fringe is a cool-looking cut that will definitely work for men with curls.

How to style

Apply moisturizer and a curling styler to your hair, as usual, paying special attention to the front of your hair. For this section, rake the hair forward so that it falls over the front of your forehead.

Ideal face shape

Oval, triangular, diamond.

How to maintain

Shake your hair lightly, and then do any additional fluffing or raking with your fingers, being sure not to disturb your natural curls.


#6: Curly Side Part

side part curly teenage boy

The side part haircut for men can be done with or without an undercut – either way, it’s a hip cut that has remained popular for decades. Slick, glossy side parts on curly hair give a polished look while gently tousled curls are simple and effective.

How to style

While your hair is wet, apply a light moisturizer and some curling product. Rake your fingers through your wet hair, finger-combing it over to one side, and neaten up any stray hairs in your side part.

Ideal face shape

Oval, round, triangular, diamond, heart.

How to maintain

After a night’s sleep, use your fingers to fluff your hair if it’s been lightly flattened. If it’s too messy, use a spray bottle to mist some water into your hair and re-apply a bit of curling product as needed.


#7: Short quiff & Curls

It’s nothing like Elvis’ famous slicked quiff, but this short messy haircut is one of the most common and dependable for men with curly hair. It’s short, so there’s not much work to be done. You can be carefree and trendy at the same time. The quiff is generally shorter at the back and sides, and full at the top.

How to style

For looser waves and curls, a light moisturizer and a curl cream on wet hair is enough to define and hydrate your curls to keep them happy. For curlier and kinky textures, a cream moisturizer and gel may be needed to get that perfectly defined curly look. Rake the products through your hair while it’s wet and allow it to dry for a frizz-free result.

Ideal face shape

The quiff suits all face shapes!

How to maintain

Lightly fluff and rake your hair using your fingers – no combs! If more curling product is needed, feel free to add a bit more.


#8: Curly Bob

For the men who just like to let their natural curls do their thing, the curly bob is a simple, attractive style. This haircut requires barely any maintenance, save for a trim or two every now and then, and you can wake, refresh and go in a few minutes without having to worry about spending too much time on your hair every morning.

How to style: If your hair is of tighter curl pattern like the picture on the left, you’ll need to make sure that your hair has been detangled in the shower before you style it. You can then go on to add your moisturizer and curling cream/jelly to your wet hair, making sure that the product evenly distributes through your hair. If you need to, rake the products through your hair with your fingers to get your curls more defined.

Ideal face shape

Heart, diamond, round, oval, triangle.

How to maintain

Sleep with your hair in a ponytail to minimize frizz and tangling. In the morning, simply shake out your hair and apply a little bit of moisturizer to it.

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#9: Lion’s mane

For the men with long, lustrous curls, this one is for you. The ‘lion’s mane’ is just that – it’s a voluminous, free and wild cut that allows your tresses to hang in all their beauty. Styling is versatile and simple, and simply having gorgeous locks doesn’t hurt. Who said men couldn’t have long hair?

How to style

With hair like this, styling is almost unlimited. You can do buns, ponytails, braids or you can go the carefree way and let it all just be free to do its own thing. With whatever style you choose, be sure to apply your moisturizing and defining products to your wet hair so that your curls won’t suffer frizz, but then again –the bigger the mane, the better!

Ideal face shape

This wild haircut works with all face shapes, and can be especially striking on square faces with sharp jawlines, like the picture on the left.

How to maintain

This cut is probably the easiest to maintain. Running your fingers through it to refresh it does a pretty good job, and even if it gets extremely frizzy, you can just throw it up into a bun or ponytail to mask it.

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Some hair care tips for curly-haired men

Here are some tips for your curly hair. We recommend reading our post on curly hair care to have a better idea about maintaining a curly hair.

  • Moisturizers are your friend! They help to keep your curls healthy, hydrated and full of body.
  • Dealing with curly hair while wet is always easier.
  • When washing your hair, use gentle shampoos and don’t skip conditioning. Conditioners add moisture to your hair, balance hair’s ph level and make it softer.
  • Detangling is easiest when done in the shower with a head full of conditioner. It provides slip for less breakage.
  • If your hair is long enough, sleeping with it in a bun will always minimize frizz, breakage and curl pattern disruption. Give it a try!

Having curly hair as a man can be quite a hassle if you don’t even know what to do with it, but with the help of this guide, you’re sure to have found a curly haircut that suits your personal style and face shape to let you look your absolute best.