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18 of Bryce Harper’s Best Haircuts to Try in 2024

Bryce Harper is one of the biggest hitters in baseball. More than that, Bryce Harper’s hair and beard have become a source of inspiration for men all around the world, whether for the variety of styles he consistently shows or for the eye-catching experiments.

Bryce Harper’s haircuts are regularly featured in the fashion pages of major newspapers and magazines. When he makes a change, fashion fans know about it right away.

Evolution of Bryce Harper’s Hair

  • Bryce Harper begins sporting short, clean-cut hair during his high school days.
  • Harper experiments with a faux hawk style as he joins the minor league.
  • The faux hawk evolves into a more pronounced Mohawk as Harper’s career advances.
  • Harper starts growing his hair out, introducing a shaggy look to his on-field appearance.
  • The shaggy hair transforms into a mullet as Bryce Harper embraces a retro vibe.
  • Harper adds personality by dyeing the tips of his mullet blonde.
  • The mullet goes through a transitional phase, with the sides shaved and the top kept long.
  • Harper surprises fans by chopping off his mullet and returning to a clean-cut look.
  • The clean-cut look transitions into a sleek pompadour, showcasing Harper’s evolving style.
  • Harper grows his beard out, pairing it with the pompadour for a rugged appearance.
  • Experimenting further, Bryce Harper tries braids and cornrows during the offseason.
  • Harper ultimately settles on a longer, wavy hairstyle that becomes his signature look.

Most Popular Bryce Harper Haircuts

Bryce Harper’s haircuts never fail to create hype in the fashion industry. Every new hairstyle he flaunts hits the top-notch, making it even more desirable for men to get similar haircuts.

Bryce Harper’s iconic haircut is regarded by many as a perfect fit for the gentlemanliness in you, always stirring admiration among boys and men alike. All of this makes him nothing less than a true hairstyle icon.

What is the secret behind an awesome haircut? The main answer is uniqueness. And this is exactly the reason for the hype behind Bryce Harper’s haircuts: they are unique and stylish. Here are some great ideas for you to find your own unique style and be on top of your game.

1. Bryce Harper Subtle Fade

cool Bryce Harper fade haircut

Since fade hair is the cool kid on the block right now, why not start with it? This subtle fade is less obvious than usual, but the contrast and style are still kept with the medium top.

2. Long Top Short Sides

Long top bryce harper hairstyle for men

Let’s be honest? Long hair is sexy. Period. For the full experience, make sure you leave your beard as long as possible – it will look even more striking. If you have slightly longer hair, you can take inspiration from this Bryce Harper hairstyle. He has slicked his hair backward so that all of his hair sits flush against his head.

3. Bold Mohawk

bryce harper with Bold Mohawk haircut

This medium top with tapered undercut size is made for the modern ones. This modern version of the Mohawk with fade will not let you make a mistake when it comes to style. The length is perfect for the top, and it fits any occasion. 

Disclaimer: if you have very straight hair, get ready to spend some time making your top as high as you can!

4. Full Stubble Beard

bryce harper long hairstyles

This pompadour style is a bit longer than the average, but not too long. This combination gives a distinguished look that any warrior wants to have.

Speedy Bryce Harper has taken his hairstyle inspiration from the King of Speed; Sonic the Hedgehog. His choppy haircut means that when he slicks back his hair it has a slightly spiky effect to it.

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5. Fearless Mix

bryce harper haircut

Are you keen for something a bit more, let’s say, fearless? This medium cut with a fringe is the perfect blend for a bold choice.

6. Samurai Topknot

bryce harper chonmage hair cut

Are you the kind of guy who likes to stand out with style? Then, we introduce you to the chonmage haircut. This Japanese inspiration is a more elegant version for the warrior style. Looking forward to impressing even more?

Then make sure you combine it with a very good-looking beard. Long Bryce Harper hairstyles can also be worn in a more stylish way. In this example, he has pulled his mid-length hair upwards into a stubby high ponytail which sits on the top of his head.

7. Pompadour Undercut


This is the signature hair of the year, we can call it the real Bryce Harper hair. If you are willing to take the extra mile, combine it with an undercut and prepare yourself to join the hall of champions.

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8. Side Part Hair


Who said that fade is the new classic Bryce Harper haircut? Sometimes classic is the best option you can go for. This haircut will never need an update or substitute (and it looks simply amazing!).

To copy this haircut of Harper you will need to start by grooming your hair upwards from the base. This will give your hair volume. Use a very small amount of hair gel to stand your spikes on end. Using only a small amount will allow them to flop in a foppish fashion.

9. Thick Wavy Hair

 harper styles with wavy haircut

For those who say that waves are boring, this mix of long waves with half-slicked back is stylish and an interesting choice for those tired of obvious looks.

10. Slicked back

favourite Half-slicked back bryce harper haircuts

Half-slicked back once more? Honestly, you can never get tired of it. The shorter sides enhance this look, and this is a champion when it comes to turning heads wherever you go.

Slick your hair back with the firm hold hair gel to keep it out of your eyes. In this Bryce Harper haircut, he also secures his hair in place with a clip to make sure that it doesn’t fall forwards and obstruct his eyes.

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11. Flawless Comb over


For those special days when you want to feel elegant, make sure you try out this hard part comb over hairstyle. Even though it is not an everyday look, you can definitely allow yourself to stand out from the crowd once in a while.

12. Bryce Harper’s Wet Look

Look with a Floppy Fringe Bryce Harper hairstyle

Bryce Harper hair often has a wet look aspect to them, because he is an active sports star. The moisture in his hair helps to keep his fringe in floppy tendrils.

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13. Spikey Fohawk


Bryce Harper often likes to add volume to his hairstyle. To get thin high spikes into your hairstyle, use a comb to pull up your hair upwards. A little bit of hair gel will set the hair in place.

To emulate this hairstyle like Bryce, you will need to run a lot of hair gel through your hair. Use your thumb and forefinger to tease sections of your hair up into thick spikes.

14. Harper’s Ivy League

Bryce Harper Ivy League hairstyle you like

This is an example of a Bryce Harper Ivy League haircut. His hair has been smooth down and groomed so that it looks really neat. His hairstyle has been shaped so that he doesn’t have a hair out of place.

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15. Shaggy Style

brayce harper's hair look for men

For a totally wild Bryce Harper hair look, try to copy this shaggy lion cut. His hair has been styled to give maximum volume and brushed through so that it can move freely. Avoid using any gel because it prevents the free movement of the hair.

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Bryce Harper’s hairstyles in 2024 are all about being sporty while staying trendy. He does all the hair work without killing creativity while making it look super sexy. 

16. Undercut with Beard

This latest haircut of Bryce features thick medium length trimmed top and undercut sides. Add some beard for extra spice!

17. Long Slicked-back Fade

Bryce Harper latest haircut

To achieve this haircut of Bryce Harper, you have to let your hair grow long and then slick them back with pomade to look your best.

18. Laid-down Top with Low Fade

Bryce Harper hairstyle in 2024

Tall people, this Bryce Harper haircut is just for you. Let your top hair rest low and give a flip to the front. Low fade combined with razor design makes you good to go.

These were some tips for you to get inspired by Bryce Harper hairstyles; we hope you got good inputs and that you chose your own look to implement your winner look as soon as possible! For hairstyles that look great anywhere, check out our other men’s hairstyle lists.