25 Different Braided Mohawks Worth Giving A Shot

When it comes to mohawks, not all people are ready to go for such a bold hairstyle. That’s why stylists came up with an innovative option called braided mohawks. Most of the time this hairstyle doesn’t require you to shave off any hair or even cut it short. The part that is usually bold is braided instead. The effect that you get is almost the same as you would have with shaving. The braided hair looks short and outlines the rest of the tresses. Usually, people go for making cornrows since they are very tight and give a good short impression. However, there are many other ways to go about braided mohawks and all of them are worth a try.


Popular Braided Mohawks to Try

Braided mohawks are a great idea for men and women who are not ready to get rid of their hair but still want a Mohawk. They come in all shapes and sizes and can often be done on your own. However, it is recommended to ask for a stylist’s assistance when it comes to making cornrows. A braided mohawk is not necessarily a “safe” style. Some people are bold enough to go for shaving the sides and then braiding the top part. In any case, these hairstyles are worth browsing. Take a look at the below 25 interesting mohawk braids we really loved.


1. Blond and crazy

black braided mohawk

If you want a really stunning Mohawk, you can use a weave for the top braided part. Make regularly reversed braids on the sides and gather the ends on top. Then attach the hair extensions.

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2. Go overboard

Best Braided Mohawks for black women

Make the best-braided mohawk by starting with cornrows on the sides and going further to braid the top part. The more braids there are, the more fun the Mohawk is.


3. Natural expression

Braided Mohawks 18

Express your feelings with this natural Mohawk. Make cornrows on the sides and leave the rest of the hair straight. Pump up the volume on top with some hair gel and you are done.


4. Spiky mohawk

Spiky Mohawk haircut

In order to make you Mohawk stand out of the crowd, you can dye it a completely different color from your natural shade and spike it up as high as you can.

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5. The real deal

Braided Mohawks 4

If you are going for a braided Mohawk, don’t be afraid to go all out. Start with braiding the sides and then go further by arranging the cornrows on your head to create a Mohawk impression.


6. Braided top

nice Braided Mohawks haircut

This is an option for those who are not afraid of real mohawks that are tired of the way they look. Braid the sides of the top part of your mane to make a great impression.


7. Braided sides

Braided sides hairstyle

If you already shaved part of your head but don’t want to go further, you can make simple braids on the sides of the top part of your Mohawk. They will look very interesting.


8. Long and stunning mohawk braid

Braided Mohawks 7

Make an amazing braided Mohawk making cornrows on the sides, a beehive on top and letting your hair fall down your neck. You will definitely stand out of the crowd.


9. Curly fun

Curly Braided Mohawks haircut

Dye the top part of your Mohawk blond while keeping the sides your natural color. Then go further by pulling the hair on the sides up and clipping them to the top part. A Mohawk is ready.


10. Alternating cornrows

Braided Mohawks 1s1

When you do cornrows on the sides of your braided Mohawk, consider alternating braids with strands of hair. This way you will create a unique hairstyle that is hard to overlook.


11. Crazy spikes

Crazy spikes Braided Mohawks for cute girl

Spike up your Mohawk with the help of braids on the sides. You will need a lot of patience and hair gel. Don’t be afraid of experiments. This Mohawk will allow you to make a real statement.


12. Fun braided bun

Braided Mohawks 12

Shave the sides as you would for a Mohawk and then go crazy with box braids to make an amazing braided bun on top. You can use a weave achieve the most voluminous results.

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13. The more the merrier

Braided Mohawks 13

It’s not necessary to make cornrows for the Mohawk to look its best. You can braid the top part your favorite way and it will definitely look amazing.


14. Wild yet simple

Braided Mohawks 14

No need to shave or even braid the sides in order to get a fantastic Mohawk.  A simple braid with the well spiked up top part will create an extravagant Mohawk for any woman who is not afraid of it.


15. Low braids

 Low braids haircut for black women

This braided Mohawk differs from regular one by braided ends. Don’t cut your hair too short for a Mohawk. Leave some locks in the back to make long and impressive braids.


16. Long and straight

Braided Mohawks 5

Make a real Mohawk by shaving the sides and then straighten out the hair on top if needed. Start by making small braids on the bottom and perhaps you’ll go further by braiding the whole thing.



17. Burgundy fun

nice Braided Mohawks haircut you like

Become a real queen of the dance floor with burgundy hair color. This long and amazing Mohawk is easily created by making cornrows on the sides and fluffing up the locks on your head.

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18. Afro mohawk

Afro Braided Mohawks for black girl

You can straighten the hair on the sides and arrange them into small braids while curling the top part. This way the contrast will be even more obvious than it would in a real Mohawk.


19. Reversed French mohawk

 French Mohawk for cute girl

If you are tired of your simple Mohawk, experiment with different braids. A reversed French braid is a great choice to change your wild impression for a subtler one.


20. One-sided mohawk

mohawk Braided hairstyle

If you shaved your sides but left the rest of the hair long, you can come up with many different Mohawk variations. Brush your tresses to one side to create an asymmetrical appearance.


21. All around cornrows

Braided Mohawks 21

Don’t stop with making cornrows on just one side. A cool braided mohawk can be done by braiding the locks all around your head and leaving just the top part hanging down freely.


22. A real masterpiece

your favorite Braided Mohawks hairstyle

This example of a cornrow masterpiece is a great place to start when you want something different. You won’t be able to create this on your own so ask for professional help.


23. Braid accessories

Braided Mohawks 23

When you are going all out with the braid, consider getting some fun accessories. Rings and artificial nails will look great asymmetrically stuck in your locks.


24. Ocean waves

Braided Mohawks 24

You can combine two styles by making ocean waves on your sides when trying to create a braided Mohawk. The results can exceed all expectations.


25. Braid designs

 Braid designs Mohawkshairstyle

A real professional can create amazing braid designs on the side of your braided Mohawk. Don’t be afraid to let his imagination run wild. You’ll love the results.


Watch the below video tutorial on mohawk braided top knot style:


If you have found a braided mohawk you really love, don’t wait. Go to your hairstylist and show him or her the photo. The faster you make your dream come true, the more fun you will have with your new image.