25 Pompadour Fades That Can Upstage The Celebrities

Imagine that you are sporting the most amazing haircut on the block? You can easily make the dream come true by choosing one of the classy pompadour fades for guys. You’ll be surprised to learn that not many men are ready to spend a few seconds styling their hair in order to look amazing. If you are not a fearful type, you can use this to your advantage.

The faded hair on the sides takes the hassle out of most of the maintenance. All that’s left is the pompadour styling which is far from being complicated. All you need is a few drops of gel and a mirror.


Modern Yet Classy Pompadour Fades for Guys

If you are wondering about the history of a pompadour, it goes back to the beginning of the last century. Over time, this hairstyle has evolved and nowadays it looks completely different from what your great- grandfather was wearing.

The faded sides are exactly what makes these pompadours look modern. We have collected 25 most stunning pompadour fade hairstyles for men who are ready to take the challenge. Look at how attractive these options are and think about making one of them a reality.

1. High drop fade pompadour

men favorite High drop fade pompadour hair

This high drop fade with a low pompadour is one of the nowadays classics. You don’t need to come up with anything special, just the tapered sides and a couple of inches on top to make a comb over.


2. Fancy undercut


Essentially a pompadour is the top part of an undercut. Your goal is to make the hair short on the sides and keep them as long as you wish on top in order to style them into a voluminous pompadour or a low comb over. Look at these best David Beckham hairstyles.


3. Scissors fade short pompadour

Scissors fade hairstyle for men

The most impressive pompadour fades appear when the sides are tapered and you have a beard with the scissors instead of trimmers. The hairstyle is voluminous and allows you to pay less attention to the top part.


4. Hipster style


This hipster hairstyle is a wonderful choice for guys who want to make a statement. The fade must be low and the top part is high enough to get spiked up. The sides are brushed toward the top as well.


5. Cowlick


This is a modern approach to the cowlick which is considered to be sexy by women. The hair is fluffed up in a messy manner and the front strands are arranged to fall to the forehead. The ends are curled.


6. Mohawk plus pompadour

nice Mohawk style hair you like

This is one of the most effective men’s pompadour fades. The sides are arranged into a very high fade which helps create an impression of a mohawk. The top part is left long to make a pompadour.


7. Wet and sleek


Greasy pompadours are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century. The sides are neatly tapered and arranged into a low fade. The top is combed over and kept intact by a lot of hair gel.


8. Long and fabulous faded pompadour

long Pompadour Fades hairstyle for young boy

The best pompadours are created when the hair is long. If your locks are about 4 -5 inches long, you can play around with different options. The volume of your pompadour can be really impressive.

How to Style a Pompadour


9. High and mighty


A very high fade gives this hairstyle a fohawk impression. The hair on top is rather short but can be arranged into a low pompadour anyway. This is one of the most popular modern pompadour fades for guys.


10. Pompadour fade with design


This pompadour hairstyle requires professional attention and tough maintenance. If you are not afraid of hair hassle, you can ask your hairdresser for some drastic hairstyle changes. Show him this picture.


11. High pompadour

Men High pompadour hairstyle

This high pompadour fade might seem complicated at first but most guys can learn how to create one on their own. The trick is simple. You’ll need a lot of hair gel. The hair from the sides and the front are brushed upward and arranged into a well.


12. Spiky pompadour

favorite Spiky pompadour hairstyle you love

A high scissors fade combined with an outrageous spiky pompadour is exactly what you need to make an impression on your friends and family. Ask your hairstylist for this style for your next special occasion.

50 Trendiest Pompadour Hairstyles for This Season


pompadour hairstyle with mid skin fade





pompadour hairstyle with mid fade





guy with pompadour low fade





guy with pompadour fade hairstyle


Men’s modern pompadour fade styles can look amazingly special. All you need to do is spend some time arranging them in the most attractive way. While some can be done on your own, others require professional attention. Start with the easiest one and go from there!

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