81 Exciting Men’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#31: Long Messy Spikes

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 32
Get plenty of styling gel on your fingers and then run them through your hair making sure that you coat every strand. Put your hands in your hair one last time and move them backwards and forwards to create a messy look.


#32: Messy Mod Look

medium length hairstyles for thin hair

Growing your hair evenly down around your ears and around the back of your head will give it a full and thick look. Dishevel your a bit to give the style a slightly more modern twist.


#33: Choppy Mane

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 34

Having your hair cut into a choppy style will give you lots of different option with your styling and can help to give thin hair the illusion of extra volume.


#34: Stiff Choppy Peaks

men best haircut for thin hair 2016-2017

Choppy cut your hair to a lot of different lengths on the top. Use styling gel to tease each section up into a stiff peak. Pull them off in conflicting directions for another exciting dimension to this style.


#35: Choppy Buzz Haircut

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 36

Keep the sides short, but cut the top of your hair in a choppy way. Your hair will look textured and touchable. This style is very easy to maintain.


#36: Floppy Fringe

hairstyles for thin fine hair

A floppy fringe is a great choice for people with thin hair. Either get a thicker fringe by leaving it to fall naturally or use products to help you to style it so that it flops in a way that you want.


#37: Rolled Quiff

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 38

Style the back portion of your hair as you normally would, but leave a small section at the front free. Use a little styling gel and a pocket comb to roll the front round into a stylish quiff.


#38: Swirled

Men's Hairstyles with Thin Hair 39
Use a fine tooth comb and styling gel to create a gently swirled pattern in your hair. This style works much better with thin hair than it does with thicker hair.


#39: Side Fringe

hair thinning men
If your hairline is starting to recede, you can cover this with careful styling. Comb your hair over to one side so that it is styled as a sweeping side fringe.


#40: Long and Sleek

thin 5
You can still have a long hairstyle if you have thin hair. Straight and sleek hair is very eye-catching on a man.