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Top 31 Anime Girl Characters with Brown Hair (2024)

Brown hair is quite common natural hair color, but that doesn’t make it anything less. Though finding the right hairstyle can be tricky, narrowing it down to the style and cut from an anime girl can help girls choose the best look.

No matter what eye color she has or how long or short she wants her hair to be, one of these 31 great anime brown hair ideas is sure to please the criteria.


Cute Anime Girls With Brown Hairstyles

Check out these 31 of the cutest anime girl characters with brown hair to set your new brown hair goal for 2024.

1. Aina Kuronuma

The perfect peppy schoolgirl style, Aina’s thick brown hair is styled into two high pigtails. If you have soft bangs, use them to frame your face and create an innocent vibe.


2. Chisa Kotegawa

Anime Girl Chisa Kotegawa With Brown Hair


If you prefer a short haircut, take a hint from Chisa! She wears her brown hair in short choppy layers and has an extra-long fringe to add an edgy, chic touch. You can even leave two sections of hair a bit longer than the rest near the ears.


3. Chisato Higuchi

Anime Girl Chisato Higuchi With Brown Hair


A choppy pixie is always a cute cut for hair on the thinner side or doesn’t have much length! Ask your stylist to cut your brown hair unevenly so that it falls across the forehead and around the face in different flattering ways. 


4. Izumi Akazawa

Anime Girl Izumi Akazawa With Brown Hair


Are you a lover of long hair? Anime girl Izumi wears her brown hair in two high ponytails but has a thick fringe to accompany the style. You can use neutral hair ties to secure them or give a look a little more bounce with colored ties.


5. Kayo Hinazuki

Anime Girl Kayo Hinazuki With Brown Hair


Short bobs are one hairstyle that will always be on-trend! The chic low maintenance look is great for flaunting your brown locks. Wear hair straight with a long bang that is both soft and piecey.


6. Maki Oze

Anime Girl Maki Oze With Brown Hair


When you’re looking for a chic way to get your long brown hair off your shoulders and neck, copy Maki Oze’s long ponytail. The ponytail’s versatility is a fave, whether you style it casually with some lumps and bumps or slick it back for sleekness!


7. Momozono Nanami 

Anime Girl Momozono Nanami With Brown Hair


If you’re having trouble styling your brown hair to complement your face structure, perhaps some thick fringe is in your future. Anime girl Momozono beautifully styles hers by leaving her long brown hair down and loose.


8. Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko Sengoku’s choppy long hair is a flattering cut for women of all hair textures and colors. Get a chic look with the long uneven layers for your brown hair, and perhaps consider adding some thick bangs for framing!


9. Satomi Murano

On the hunt for a cute little updo, you can pull together in minutes on your brown hair? Take a small section of hair from near the front of your face and secure it with a cute hair clip or bow, leaving the rest of your hair down. 


10. Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov

Not all hairstyles have to be pulled up to look good! If you have long brown hair like anime girl Viktoriya, be confident and know you can leave your hair down and mostly straight while still looking gorgeous.


11. Nagisa Farukawa – Wispy Bangs

anime girl with short brown hair

Lots of wispy layers are what give this anime girl with copper brown hair its personality and fun appearance.

Since the layers are highly textured, they give the style plenty of movement and prevent the hair from falling flat and looking boring and drab. Thanks to the bangs and how they fall around the eyes and face, it’s a great look.


12. Yui Hirasawa – Bob with Bangs

Anime Girl with Short Light Brown Hair

A perfect bob is a beautiful style for any woman to wear. This bob has some bangs cut loosely into the hair, and the rest of the hair falls down to curl under right below the chin.

It’s a common anime girl look, but one that is made more special thanks to the light brown color of the short hair, which gives the girl wearing this look depth and interest.


13. Aika Fuwa – Long Choppy Layers

Anime Girl with Long Brown Hair - Aika Fuwa

There are tons of choppy layers in this cut, which give the long hair a lot of movement and body. Rather than blending the layers into the hair, which can make the style look a little boring, they are cut so that they are very blunt. This adds a lot more excitement to the style.

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14. Asuna Chan – Half-up Braids

Asuna Chan - anime brown hair

Braids that pull hair back from the sides of the head are a fantastic way to tame hair. This fun anime brown hairstyle has some hair falling down around the face, which helps to soften the look and prevents it from appearing too harsh. The braids are small, with loose ends that stick out for fun.


15. Natsume Haru – Ash Brown hair

Natsume haru- anime girl with light brown hair

Flowing layers that curl alluringly around the face make this a fun look for a special occasion. This brown-haired anime girl has a more grown-up style and does take a little work, but the curl to the hair is gorgeous. Plenty of highlights adds a lot of depth to the cut.


16. Sakaurauchi Riko Chan – Chocolate Brown Hair

Pinning back longer bangs with a flower placed perfectly on the side of the head gives this anime girl a charming look. The loose bangs and the attractive flower add to the sweet and relaxed feel of the style. Allowing the long brown hair to fall gently around the shoulders makes the look even more appealing.


17. Tohru Honda

There’s nothing like bows to update any anime girl with a brown hair look. This style features double bows – one on each side of the head. The bangs are cut to frame the face, while longer layers are allowed to hang down around the shoulders, which keeps the look appearing layered and more attractive.


18. Yuki Asuna – Side Bangs

Bangs don’t have to be cut so that they are straight across, as this can be a rugged look that isn’t always the best option for women.

Rather than having a blunt straight line across the face, separating the bangs with a small part is a better option. This is also an excellent choice for women with a cowlick in the front, as it can hide the hair’s movement.


19. Yukiji – Long Ponytail

A long and loose pony that is gathered low on the back is a great way to keep hair out of the way. Choppy bangs and layers around the face soften the look, while the low pony keeps hair contained without looking too fancy.

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20. Arashio – Feathered Bangs

Anime Girl with Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

This anime girls with brown eyes have long brown hair styled with bangs. However, rather than swooping bangs to the side, this look has them swooping out to both sides, which is an exciting and updated look.

The bangs are longer, pleasant, and thick, ensuring that they look intentional and not an afterthought. The rest of the hair is worn nice and long, hanging around the shoulders.


21. Ritsu Tainaka

Keeping hair out of the way can be tricky, especially for girls who have a lot of hair or want to grow their bangs.

Using a headband is, by far, the best way to control short brown hair while it is growing out or when it is in the way. In addition, you can choose a headband to compliment the outfit.


22. Yu Gi Oh – Long Brown Hair

Pushing bangs up in the front so that they show off the girl’s brown eyes is a fun way to style this look. The great thing about pushing bangs up and to the side is that doing so adds a lot of visual interest to the cut. In addition, you can curl the rest of the hair to have movement.


23. Ichinose Shiki – Long Layered Hair

Longer bangs are a grown-up option for women looking for a cute style. This blue-eyed anime girl has brown hair that pairs the longer bangs with long layers that cascade around the shoulders, resulting in a unique style. It never looks dull or outdated with a bit of curl and movement to the hair.


24. Anime Ponytail with Bangs

This look is a terrific way to keep hair out of the face. The thick bangs barely brush the eyebrows, and the rest of the hair is held back in a ponytail and secured with an attractive clip. Curled ends add movement and body to the style and prevent it from falling flat.


25. Suiseiseki Rozen Maiden – Orange Brown Hair

Anime Girl with Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

A bonnet is a fun way to update this brown anime hairstyle and keep hair out of the way. The bonnet can be worn in many ways, either to cover the head completely or add some protection to the hair. It’s a perfect way to manage flyaways that may otherwise get out of control.

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26. Yu Hi Oh – Short Bob

There’s nothing like a chic bob for a woman on the go. This character’s short dark brown haircut has choppy ends that will allow for plenty of movement and some shorter layers in the back.

It’s an excellent cut for girls who don’t take themselves too seriously and want a style that is easy to take care of.


27. Nanami Nami – Lighter Brown Hair

Light mousy brown hair with plenty of highlights looks impressive when allowed to grow longer. This anime haircut frames the face perfectly and is paired with gorgeous bangs that highlight the green eye color, making it a great choice for any woman with green eyes.


28. Nyarko San – Long Straight Hair

Rather than shying away from bangs, women who want to show off their green eyes can highlight them by cutting in more layers.

This anime character with brown hair looks updated and bold, making it one that will stand out. In addition, you can style the bangs to go in various directions, which keeps the look from being boring.


29. Sakura Kinomoto – Short and Choppy Hair

This cut is short and choppy and ensures that the focus is on the eyes. Lots of shorter layers are cut all over the head, which allows the hair to have plenty of bounce. It’s a bold look and ideal for women who are constantly on the go.


30. Tokizaki Maya – Auburn Brown Hair

Anime Girl with Brown Hair and Green Eyes

Long and sleek, these layers are elegant. The darker brown hair complements the deep green eyes of this anime girl, and some layers cut to the chin add interest. With straight layers that hang and move as the woman walks, this is a sweeping look that is timeless and classic.

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31. Hayate Yagami – Shaggy Bob

Anime Girl with Brown Hair and Glasses

This girl’s brown shaggy bob is a lot of fun, and using clips to pull the hair back and keep it out of the face is a good idea. Highly textured ends all over the head ensure that the look doesn’t appear boring or smooth and gives the cut plenty of interest.


Any of these fun anime girls with brown hairstyles are an excellent update for girls looking for a refreshing take on an old style. Anime characters have great hair, and the above hairstyles are sure to please!