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How To Fake Curtain Bangs Without Cutting Hair, According to Pros

Recently, having curtain bangs has been quite a popular trend. Despite the popularity, there is a risk with trying out the bangs: having to chop your hair, which can be scary.

However, if you are desperate to get it but do not want to cut your hair, you could fake the curtain bangs. All you have to do is follow a few easy steps.

The hairstyle has mainly gained acclaim in the fashion scene as several celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Halle Berry donned the trend. Even without these celebrity endorsements, these bangs remain a low-risk, elegant hair trend you may want to jump on.


How To Fake Curtain Bangs According to Hair Type

Faking your hair into bangs is an easy task you can perform at home in a few minutes. Nonetheless, you should consider your hair type before embarking on the exercise. Curly or wavy, and straight hair all have unique requirements.

The following parts will guide you through how you could make fake curtain bangs and achieve the look without committing to a cut. You will also learn how to style the trend without using hot tools. 

Here are the different steps to fake curtain bangs for your particular hair type.

Straight Hair

How Fake Curtain Bangs with Straight Hair

Making a faux curtain bangs on straight hair is relatively easy, contrary to prevailing opinion. All you need is a curling iron and some spray to style your hair and give it an elegant look.

First, you need to start by parting your hair correctly. Section your bangs area, approximately 1.5’’ from your hairline, and part it into a triangular shape. Next, move the front pieces towards your forehead. These parting steps apply to all hair, whether curly, straight, or wavy.

After sectioning the hair for your fake bangs, part it in the middle and wrap both sides on your curling iron. Slowly curl the hair away from your face, ensuring you get to the root. It would be best to bend the coil at your brow for elegant results.

To finish up on the bangs and give it a wow factor, comb the sections away from your face while pinching them at the root where they separate. Set a bit of hairspray, then use a creaseless clip to hold the pinch in place at the root.

This step allows you to shape the curtain bangs to follow your face shape. End the process by spritzing hairspray and setting up clips on each side for five minutes to help maintain the shape.


Wavy Hair

How Fake Curtain Bangs with Wavy Hair

Wavy hair presents a perfect base for making curtain bangs since all you have to do is create a façade of length difference from the center to the sides. You will need a curling iron to create this illusion by enhancing your hair’s root volume and lifting the bang’s center to produce a swooshing effect.

Start the process by sectioning your hair, as earlier discussed. Once you have set out your bang area, curl the partitioned hair at the base, moving the curling iron away from your face to increase root volume. Maintain the midlength’s natural texture, as the contrast is what gives your hair the bang effect.

Remember, the center should be the shortest part of the bang, and it gets longer as it goes down your face. Complete your curtain bangs’ look by pinching the center together and brushing them to cover your face frame.


Watch Below Video to Learn How to DIY Fake Curtain Bangs on Wavy Hair


Curly Hair

How Fake Curtain Bangs with Curls

Creating fake curtain bangs on curly hair revolves around manipulating your hair length by taking advantage of shrinkage. You will need some curling cream, a blow-dryer, and a diffuser.

After sectioning your hair appropriately, apply the curling cream to the bangs area while scrunching the partition to create a shrinking effect. Follow with a blow dryer attached to a diffuser for a more successful result. This will lift the roots and expose the base curls, creating bangs.

Complete the look by pinching the center of the bangs and styling them to close any gaps on your forehead.


How To Make Faux Curtain Bangs Without Hot Tools

If you don’t want to use hot tools or limit their use when styling your hair, you can use heatless styles to air-dry your hair and achieve curtain faux bangs effortlessly. You only need a couple of bobby pins and products to prep your hair.

Here are some steps to guide you in the process.

  • Prep your hair. Wash your hair and apply a styling product of your choice. After using the product, section your hair appropriately and set out the bang area to start the process.
  • Place the bobby pins. Part the bang hair in the middle, twist the pieces of hair and place your hair clips or bobby pins on both sides. You may want to partition the twists further on either side for a fuller effect and place them behind your ears.
  • Air-dry. Let your hair dry as the bangs take shape. After drying, gently remove the pins and brush the strands to the sides as you apply hair spray. Complete the look by pinching the roots and styling the bangs elegantly.


Watch the Following Tutorial to Learn How to Fake Curtain Bangs without Hot Tools


Curtain bangs are a classy hair trend that can fit any hair texture. The elegant hairstyle can make you look fabulous whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair. However, you may not want to risk cutting your hair to achieve the look.

Don’t worry. With simple hair products and styling tools, you can create fake curtain bangs that are just as good.