15 Spellbinding Braided Hairstyles for Toddlers Girls

Toddler braided hairstyles, especially for little girls, is at its peak. Given the current trends in the fashion and designing industry, toddlers aren’t quite left behind.

Having said that, one of the major rages today is braiding hairstyles for toddler girls. They are the best people to rock such braids and ponies given their pretty and cute looks which can totally nail such braids.


How to Do Braids on Toddler Girls Hair

How to Do Braids on Toddler Girls Hair

Regardless of their caste, creed, color, or ethnicity, toddler girls are the perfect tiny tots to showcase an incredibly chic braided look. Adults need to realize that, in addition to looking great, little girls need to be comfortable and free too.

Avoid using any sharp pins or pointy stuff on their hair lest they hurt themselves with it. Now that the precautions are out of the way, ensure that you choose an easy yet pretty braid hairstyle for little girls that your toddler can carry effortlessly while being comfortable too.

The easiest and most practical way is to start off with making a high ponytail which you will then braid as per the style you want to make for your little girl. You can make, two, or multiple braids depending on the hairstyle you choose.


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How to Style Little Girl’s Braids with Beads

How to Style Toddler Braids with Beads

You can use beads over the head along the length of the braid or only at the tail of the braid. Many people use colorful beads as well as monochrome ones as per the outfit the kid may be wearing. Decorate your toddler girl’s braid all along with beads or put on only a couple of them.

Some little girls even sport long braids with scanty beads at regular intervals which only takes their looks up by several notches. However, make sure to not go over the top with your styling. For instance, if you are opting for a sleek braid, the best style is to use beads scattered all over your braid instead of having all gathered down at the end.

Beads are just the right kind of accessory that you can use on your toddler’s hair. It is safe, beautiful, and quite the right kind of accessory for a toddler. You can even make variations of your own beaded braiding hairstyles for baby girls depending on the above-mentioned ones. So, if you have a little toddler girl, what are you waiting for? Use one of these beaded braids hairstyles on them at the earliest and watch them becoming the center of attention at your next party.

Toddlers are quite wriggly and always on the go. They need to run around, play, skip, and jump in their growing years. Therefore, refrain from using any hairstyle products or accessories that may hurt them physically or hinder the smooth and carefree movement in their day.


Adorable Braided Hairstyles for Toddlers

Check out these amazing toddler braid styles for your little princess. These will make her look cute and sassy.

1. Crown Braid

Crown Braid for Toddler

This can be made using one or two braids. Start by braiding your baby girl’s hair at one end of the head over the top and take it across the head to the other side and place it tightly with a bobby pin.

Repeat it for the other end too where the braid now goes from the second side to the first. This will create a crown-like illusion for your little princess. Brownie points if you decorate this crown with a few fancy beads or flowers.


2. Side Fishtail Braid

Side Fishtail Braid for Baby Girls

This is one of the most stylish braid hairstyles for toddler girls and young women alike. Braid your toddler’s hair in a side fishtail braid and secure it at the base with a hair tie. You can even create a messy look with the braid and also choose to make a straight braid instead of a side one.


3. French Braided Headband

Little girl with braided headband

This toddler’s braid style works exactly like the crown braid, but it goes atop your head like a hairband instead of around it. In other words, you’re making your girl a hairband made up of her own braid!


4. Pigtail Braids

Pigtail Braids for Toddler Girls

Bets suited for toddlers, pigtail braids are cute, comfortable, and just the right kind of toddlers braided hairdo to sport for a casual session at preschool or a day out in the park.


5. Braided Space Buns

Braided Buns for Toddler

As the name suggests, this toddler hairstyle consists of space buns made up using braids. Make one or two high ponytails, braid up the hair in a kid’s cornrow braids and secure it with a band at the end. Then wrap the braid around the hair tie to make a bun out of it. Toddlers look pretty cute with one or two small little buns on either side of their heads.


6. Individual Braids

Part your little girl’s hair into two sections, one for each braid. Start off with the first section by making two parts and tying a knot tightly until it is secure. Continue until the entire length of hair is complete, and tie it at the base. Repeat with the other half for the second braid.


7. Fluffy Fishtail Braids

This toddler braided hairstyle is a little different than the rest since it needs a little longer hair than average length. For this, make two fishtail braids as usual and puff them up using a rounded hairbrush to create a messy look.


8. Side Braid with Micro Braid

This is one of the most sought after looks among all braided hairstyles for toddler girls. For this, make a simple side braid in the standard style. But one of the third sections must be a braid itself.

When you braid up your baby’s hair this way, it gives out a cute and stylish vibe with the peek-a-boo that the microbraid plays in the larger braid.


9. Side French Braid

This is a simple standard French braid made either on the side or straight down the back. For a funky yet trendy vibe, adorn this toddler braid style with beads or small flowers.


10. Warp Around Braids

Heidi Braids for Toddlers

These are a stylish version of the crown braids. These are exactly like the crown braids but a little varied. Unlike other toddler hairstyles going around the head, Heidi braids go across your head crossing over at the nape of your neck. You’ll need to secure them with bobby pins ta the base so that these braids retain their look and shape.


11. Short Braids

For toddlers with very short hair, there is still some hope for a braid! Style your toddler’s hair in a short braid resting across her head, and she’ll be instantly ready to rock her latest outfit.


12. Fishtail-Accented Ponytail

Part a section of hair at the top of the head into a small pony and start braiding it all the way down. Secure it with a hair tie at the end. Post this, bunch up the rest of the loose hair into a low or high pony, and neatly arrange this fishtail braid atop it with bobby pins.

You can even use a standard braid instead of a fishtail one. This toddler girl’s braid hairstyle works well for both parties as well as casual outings for your princess.


13. Ponytail with Knott Braid

This one is the classic braid sported by most baby girls all over the world. Not only does it look cute and elegant, but is pretty convenient and comfortable too.

Make one or two ponytails and braid each pony into a neat plait. You can even try this look with a single pony and beads on the braid.


14. Kids Braided Ponytail

Toddler with Twisted Braid Ponytail

This one is a variation of the ponytail braids for toddler girls. Instead of braiding the entire hair in the pony, braid only a small section of it while leaving out the rest of the hair loose in the ponytail. When completed, wrap this braid around the length of the loose pony for a chic yet cute look.


15. Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid Braids for baby girls

For this look, part the hair at the center and tie two ponytails at the nape of the neck. Braid one pony at a time and secure it with a bobby pin across the head like a hairband. This way, the braid will be going from behind one ear to the temple of the other side.

Repeat this with the other braid too. For a fancier toddler braid style, you can even add a ribbon or a bow tie to the milkmaid braids.