30 Charismatic Wavy Hair with Bangs Styles to Copy

Wearing your wavy hair with bangs can look cute on every woman, no matter her age or even current profession. This look is effortless and timeless, and it won’t take too much of your styling time.

If you have healthy hair and you want to spice it up in the best way possible, get some wavy bangs, low-lights, and you will be all good to go! Don’t believe it? Just take a look at these 30 different yet unique hair designs.


How to Cut Bangs for Wavy Hair

How to Cut Bangs for Wavy Hair

  • If you are too nervous make sure you go to the salon and let a professional take care of you. If you are confident enough get a pair of scissors, some hair gel, and a hair straightener.
  • Figure out the shape that you are going for. Some women prefer long & bouncy curls, while others will look the best with small fringe bangs.
  • Be aware that wavy or curly hair will draw up, which means that you should leave your bangs at least an inch longer because eventually, they will curl up.
  • Wash your bangs and condition them. Leave them hanging at the front of your face. Take your scissors and cut them at an angle. You will have to frame your face if you wish to accentuate your eyes or your cheeks.
  • Don’t use razors or shaving machines because these can create friction and frizz, and you don’t want that when just cutting the bangs.
  • Blow dry your bangs and style them wavy with a flat iron by curling out the edges. Add some hair gel or hair mousse to parts that you wish to accentuate the most.


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How to Style Bangs on Thick Wavy Hair

How to Style Bangs on Thick Wavy Hair

Thick hair is a lot more voluminous and harder to work with, so make sure you are always using the right set of products when styling your hair.

  • Don’t use a lot of heat because you don’t want to damage your hair. Instead, show off your natural curls, waves, and their natural curling pattern.
  • Wet your bangs with water and re-moisturize them every day because you might lose volume overnight. You should style your wavy bangs every morning the same way, or you can try out some different methods.
  • Use a curl-cream, an oil-based product for your hair, or some hair mousse to add texture and to define your bangs. Let them air dry and try not to touch as often as possible.
  • If you prefer flat bangs use a mini flat iron (1.5 cm plate) and drag it through your hair. Use a temperature of 300 to 350 °F when styling thick and long hair.
  • Get regular cuts because your hair is a lot harder to maintain, and it demands often salon-visitations.


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Best Wavy Hairstyles with Bangs

We have gathered 30 beautiful and charismatic wavy hair with bangs styles for you to get your desired look.

1. Wavy Long Hair with Bangs

Long & Wavy Hair with Bangs

Wavy long layered hair will make your face stand out more and will give you a lot of dimensions. Women who love sensual and romantic looks will definitely achieve that with this bangs hairdo on long wavy hair.


2. Medium Length Hair with Bangs

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

A shoulder-length wavy hair with bangs will suit moms or women who are always on the go. This style will also look the best on women who have lighter skin complexions.


3. Baby Bangs

Messy Wavy Hair with Baby Bangs

Show off your cute style with these baby bangs and embrace your natural hair color. This bangs style for wavy hair will look the best on mature women, or those who prefer simplicity.


4. Wavy Short Hair with Bangs

women with wavy hair and bangs

Fluffy bangs will hide away any other minor imperfections that you might have going on your forehead. Make sure you wear them long if you want to focus all the attention on your eyes.


5. Blonde Hair with Bangs

Blonde Wavy Hair With Bangs for Women

Yellow blonde hair can look great on those with pale skin, but once paired up with these wavy curls it can look good on anyone! The length is practical, and it won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to style your wavy hair bangs on an everyday basis.


6. Curly Bob with Bangs

A bob can look sexy if you add enough of creams, gels, and styling products. If your hair is quite curly on its own embrace your curls and seal the deal with some wavy hair bangs.


7. Wavy Lob with French Bangs

You can rock with this style basically anything! This bangs on medium wavy hair, looks very chic and is a great example which shows that sometimes less is truly more.


8. Blonde Balayage Hair

Long wavy hair is easy to maintain, and it looks great on those who prefer bangs hairstyles which are often spotted on Hollywood sweethearts. Bleached hair with platinum highlights looks a lot like the hair that Shakira used to wear back in the day, and she obviously knew her trends.


9. Bun with Bangs

You can wear your hair up in a bun if you need a practical, yet glamorous & quick & easy solution for the day. This wavy bangs hairstyle is the best choice for women with thin and brittle hair type.


10. Curtain Bangs

Medium Length Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

A beautiful hairstyle with long beach waves and bangs. If you have blue eyes and black hair know that this is a killer combo. Guys love this style and they find women like this super cute.


11. Curly Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

If Rihanna is your idol make her proud by rocking this short curly hair with wavy bangs! It is a timeless hairstyle which will suit women who prefer exotic curls the best.


12. Beige Blonde Hair with Fringe Bangs

Fringe bangs are very bold and super-fun, and if you are a dare-devil you should get them. Also, those who prefer easier to maintain hairstyles will love this bangs style on wavy hair.


13. Chin Length Curly Bob with Bangs

This super short wavy hair with bangs will be a hit this summer! Women who want to feel comfortable and mobile in their skin and especially around their face when running around and doing errands on +35 degrees Celsius will love this shorter hairstyle.


14. Curly & Wavy Hair with Bangs

Frizzy hair looks very flirty, and plenty of guys love redhead women! If you are still in school this long wavy hair haircut with bangs might look the best on you.


15. Thick Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

short wavy hair with bangs

You can add dimension and depth to your face by going for this voluminous and fluffy short wavy hairdo with bangs. It is ideal for women who have square faces, or tiny heads.


16. Messy Topknot with Bangs

If you want to look cute, approachable, and yet you want a comfy hairstyle this half-up-half-down style will get the job done in no time! This bangs and wavy hairstyle can be your daily choice if you are at uni, or if you are still in school.


17. Pageboy Cut with Bangs

Women who prefer super short hairstyles should add a touch of ‘them’ to their hairstyles and finish off the look with some side bangs. These are cute and feminine, just what your pageboy cut might need.


18. Ombre Bob with Bangs

Jennifer Lopez is one of those actresses which looks beautiful even in a hoodie, and she is a great example that this bangs hairstyle for short wavy hair can look practical even on your days off. Get a shorter cut if you are a sporty gal, or if you like to jog often.


19. Wet Hairstyle with Full Bangs

Dramatic wet bangs on long wavy hair will drag a lot of attention to your face, especially once you pair them up with cute bangs. Make sure you are aware of that before getting this boho-chic cut.


20. Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Wavy Bob with Voluminous Side Bangs

If your hair needs a touch of that 80’s vibe this side-swept style is for you. This wavy hairstyle looks very high-end with bangs but is actually quite easy to achieve, as well as maintain.


21. Orange Brown Hair with Side Part Bangs

Bella Thorne is only 21 years old, but she is an excellent example of a woman who can rock a simple, yet a flirty cut. If you are still in school know that some voluminous side-swept bangs on wavy locs can look cool, just look at her!


22. Messy Bob with Highlights and Bangs

Messy and uneven waves are your cup of tea? Say no more and simply say yes to this bangs style. It has bleached highlights and will look super cute on women who are in their 20s.


23. Wavy Updo with Bangs

If your hair is naturally wavy do not destroy its natural curling pattern and simply embrace it. Get some short & curly bangs, and wear your hair high in a bun since this is so sleek & simple!


24. Red Orange Hair with Bangs

Orange or red hair looks very rustic & fiery, and often women with this hair color have a fierce attitude. If this sounds like you don’t forget to add some waves on bangs to get that ultimate chic & unique vibe!


25. Wavy Side Part Bob with Bangs

wavy bangs for women

Guys love natural beauty, and this shorter bangs with waves look like you simply didn’t invest a lot of time, effort, or even hair-styling products into the whole thing. If you are a minimalistic lover this might be your jam.


26. Voluminous Blonde Hair with Straight Bangs

If Zendaya can rock this amazing cut so can you! Women who love simple and easy to maintain looks but with a bit of an attitude will simply enjoy this wavy cut with bleached out ends and flat bangs.


27. Naturally Wavy Hair with Long Bangs

If your hair is naturally this wavy and you want to spice it up by getting a set of long & loose bangs. A classic bangs option for short wavy hair. These are optimal for women who prefer feminine & at the same time bold looks, and who are on a lookout for something that can focus all the attention to their eyes & their makeup.


28. Wavy Short Bob

There is just something so cute about your hair being tucked behind the ear, right? This bangs on short wavy hair look is very young-looking and innocent, so make sure you are still a kid at heart before you get this short cut, and before committing to it.


29. Ombre Hair with Bangs

Ombre Wavy Hair with Side Swept Bangs

A slight ombre transition has a huge impact on women who are into simple & easy haircuts. If you are not that brave, bold, or you simply prefer low-impact waved bangs cuts know that this is a full strike for you.


30. Shaggy Hair with Long Bangs

Girl with Shaggy Wavy Hair and Long Bangs

The last ideas for wavy hairstyle with bangs is, this long shag hairdo with very wavy while being ideal for everyday life situations. It is not too long, yet it might make a few heads turn due to its fluffy bangs.


FAQs on Wavy Hair with Bangs

Q. Can You Try Bangs on Wavy Thin Hair?

Ans: If your hair is super thin and it lacks some texture no worries since you can still rock a wavy hairstyle with bangs. Women with thin hair should add a lot of texturizing spray to their bangs, since this way they will create volume and dimension which is what their hair type needs.

Once you do that you can also add a hair accessory to make a distraction, or you can always wear some beanies or hats which will even out your fluffy bangs, yet thin strands.


Q. Curly Bangs Or Wavy Bangs – Which Looks Better?

Ans: This is different for every woman, and you should go for whatever suits your taste the most. Curly bangs are super defined and easy to spot because they look very voluminous and exotic, while wavy hair bangs are ideal for everyday life situations since they look a lot more tamed down.

You can wear curly bangs if you don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone, and you don’t mind all the attention, while bangs with waves are ideal for women who prefer simple styles.


Ready to enjoy the best looking hairstyle ever? This wavy hair with bangs is a new go-to hairdo which women of all ages will appreciate. It looks super fun, bold, and is easy to maintain. Women who prefer hairstyles which are quick & easy, yet beautiful for every situation will definitely enjoy at least one out of these 30 different options.