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25 Cute Anime Girl Characters with White Hair

There are lots and lots of different anime girls characters, but those with white hair are particularly rare. Their looks, appearances, and white hair color & styles make them different from any other anime girls and that is why they have caught our eye.


Top Anime Girls with White Hair

This is the list of the best 25 anime white hairstyles for anime lover girls to draw inspiration.

1. Neferpitou

Neferpitou - white haired anime girl


Fan of anime girls with white-gray hair? Well, getting that can be harder in real life, especially if your natural hair color is brown or black. Think twice before you take this step because a long journey awaits you if you want to maintain that color. 


2. Froleytia Capistrano

Froleytia Capistrano - anime girl character with white hair


Getting this shade is not going to be easy, but a great colorist can pull it off with lots of patience. It may require more than one session at the salon if you want the procedure to be less damaging to your hair. Once you get that light hair, just tone it with a pale mauve toner. 


3. Nao Tomori 

Nao Tomore has a great white gray ombre that can suit a person with fair skin. Also, you can add a little bit of mauve toner. It will give the tresses gorgeous reflexes. However, you can use a different color or make the gray more visible once it fades. 


4. Koneko Toujou 

Koneko Toujou always has super cool outfits that are a great match with her white hair. She usually shows those cat ears, but a black cat hair decoration is used in this case. To recreate her hairstyle, get layers and bangs and straighten the hair. If you also want the white-colored hair, you might want to go for a wig. 


5. Kyouko Kirigiri 

Kyouko Kirigiri - white haired anime girl character


A long blonde wig made out of natural hair is certainly the best approach if you want to pull off Kyouko Kirigiri’s look for cosplay. Or, if you have blonde hair, you might get it lighter and tone it with a pale mauve. Create blunt bangs that cover the forehead and eyebrows and style a schoolgirl braid. 


6. Alisa Iiiinichina Amiella

anime girl Alisa with white hair

Alisa is a fighter and a warrior. Like that, she is expected to have a signature look or some signature piece. In this case, her white hair is always accompanied by the red checkered bus boy hat.

Her hair is medium length and layered. She constantly wears her hat and lets the hair fall freely from down under. It looks a little bit unkempt.


7. Angel Sorano – Short Bangs

anime girl white hair - angel sorano

Angel Sorano has two personalities – one cruel and one soft. The cruel one comes from her troubles in the past. But with both personalities, her look and hairstyle is exquisite.

Her long, thick and white hairs fall all over the sides. It is neat, and the cut is perfect and straight. The bangs are blunt and short. In her soft personality, she likes wearing a headband.

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8. Canaan – Shaggy Bob

anime girl with short white hair

Canaan is a dark-skinned anime girl that has white hair. Her hair and skin tone comes in a very interesting contrast. Canaan wears her white hair short to medium-long.

It resembles a bob, but with uneven length line. The fronts are a bit longer than the rest of the hair. The bangs are thick, cover the forehead and pointy.


9. Chaika Trabant – White Highlights

anime white hairstyles

Chaika is a 14-year-old anime girl with fabulous hair. Her white hair is long, going a bit over the shoulders and layered. The layers have different length. At the front, they reach a chin-length. The ends are slightly styled inwards.

The length of the bangs is also uneven. She wears a cute headpiece resembling bandana that makes her and her hairstyle even more beautiful.


10. Hanbei Takenaka – Pigtails

anime girls white hair

Hanbei is a character that can easily be mistaken for as a little child. However, she is a big girl. The white ashy hair looks very cute on Hanbei, especially because she wears in it two side ponies. The entire hair is layered with longs bangs framing the face. This cute hairstyle fit her small height.


11. Iiiyasviel Von Einzbern

IIIyasviel is the daughter of Irisviel Von Einzbern. She has long white blonde hair. It is soft, parted in the middle and fall to the sides, over her shoulders. The bangs come only from the larger side part of the hair.  In many cases, she looks like her mother, especially when wearing a specific kind of hat.

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12. Index Librorum – Blue & White Hair

On a first look Index Librorum’s appearance associates with a look of a nun. Her anime character has this specific and unique look.  Her white hair comes covered under a headpiece. It is long, white, and the bangs can be seen on the forehead.


13. Irisviel Von Einzbern

Irisviel is a very trendy and modern white haired anime girl. Her signature look involves a large and high hat that always goes in combination with the long and straight hair. The hair is white, shiny and going lower than her back. The ends are sharp and minimally layered.


14. Kanade Tachibane – Half Pony

This anime character comes from the Angel Beasts anime series. Kanade is sweet and calm with a fabulous long white hair. the deep big eyes and the extraordinary long hair come as her distinctive look. in the series, she wears her hair long, let down.

The straight hair is almost without layering, but the bangs ask for it on the front, where these parts blend. The bangs are long, sharp, and fall over her eyes. The middle part is discreet and divided the bangs too.


15. Koyomi Hiiragi – Shaggy Bangs

anime girl with white hair

Koyomi has straight white hair. Her length reaches just a little bit over the shoulders. It is layered from all the sides, with a hidden part. The bangs are deep and long, starting somewhere around the middle of the head.

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16. Leonmitchelli – Icy Blonde Hair

Leonmitchelli is a 16-year-old anime girl that is also a princess. She is a leader of a nation and she is a warrior. Her appearance is mostly defined by her white hair. It is long and goes all the way to the waist. It is straight and smooth, with bangs on the front. There is a subtle layering that is only visible to the sides.


17. Lissana Strauss – Textured Bob

Lissana Strauss is the younger sister of Marijane Straus. Like her sister, Lissana also has white hair, but she does not wear it long. Her hairstyle is short and layered, the longest parts reaching the neck at the back.

The entire hair is layered in sharp ends and the middle parts give direction. The bangs are long and they fall over the eyes. The entire layered short hairstyle suggests thin hair.


18. Menma

Menma is a character that appears in both of her child and adult version. Both versions of her are very alike and similar. The distinctive part of her look is the hair. It is long, straight, silvery-white. The length goes a bit over her shoulders.

She also has bangs that are cut short and come on top of her forehead. The color of her hair makes her blue eyes pop out. The only difference regarding the hair in both versions is the length. In the adult version, Menma’s hair is so long, going over the waist.


19. Mirajane Strauss

From the anime movie Fairy Tail comes the personality Mirajane Straus. This lovely and sweet girl has a nice personality and also a nice hairstyle. She is so sweet that her hairstyle matches and describes her.

Her white hair is long, with a straight cut. Like other anime characters with a signature look, Mirajane also has her own – she always wears her white bang in a small top pony.


20. Origami Tobiichi – Bob with Bangs

anime girl origami with white hair

Origami has white silvery hair. She is beautiful and flirtatious and her hairstyle is chic and modern. She wears her hair in a short bob. The length comes somewhere between the ears and the shoulders. Her signature look includes 3 blue hair pins positioned on the front right part of the hair.


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21. Seitenshi – Medium Shag

Seintenshi is a character in the anime Black Bullet. She is also known as the ruler of Tokyo. Her cheerful personality goes well with her appearance. The white hair and the blue eyes present and extraordinary character. Her hair is long and layered, finishing is sharp and visible ends. She is usually presented with a nice hat that shows her uneven bangs.


22. Shiro

Shiro is a silly and funny anime girl character, also having a wonderful white hair. The direction of the hair starts at the top of the head, and fall over to the sides.

It is long, thin, and ends in sharp points that make it look even longer. Some strands of the hair fall over the face. It is sharp and the ends naturally style themselves inwards.


23. Suiguntou

Suigintou is a female anime that comes with a completely different style than other girl characters. Her hair is silver-white which makes the character even more unique and original. What is especially visible about this anime is the gothic hairstyle. It is also present in her hairstyle.

Although her hair is shiny and long, she always wears a gothic-inspired black headband. In comes just where the bangs start. Her hair is smooth, and the bangs are longs, covering the entire forehead.


24. Tomoyo Sakagami

anime girl Tomoyo Sakagami with white hair

Tomoyo is the anime character with the longest white hair in the list. The length of her hair goes lower than her half. Her hair is straight, flowy and beautiful. The soft look is accompanied by side long bangs that cover the forehead and go from one side to the other.

There are a discreet side part and a hairband as an accessory. Tomoyo displays perfect hair that every girl wants to have.


25. Ulith – Short White Hair

anime characters with white hair

Ulith is a rather violent character that enjoys pain and suffering. With this kind of personality, hair choice is more than obvious. Although she has white hair, she does not wear it long.

The cut is short, something like a variation of a pixie bob. The length of the bands as well the entire hair is uneven, sharp and layered.


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From warriors to princesses, every anime girl with white hair present a new and unique look that is in every way cool and trendy for modern times. They have a far more interesting appearance and different hairstyles that the other female animes. White hair is interesting, and it really does suit every length and different hair type.