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30 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Whoever said brunette hairstyles were out of fashion, probably don’t know it is back and stronger than ever. And today, we’ve got you a list with nothing less than 30 incredible brunette ombre hair ideas for you to try out. Let’s begin!


Brunette Ombre Hair

Here we have put together 30 exclusive ombre hair ideas for brunette girls and women out there.

1. Brunette to Blonde Ombre

medium curly brunette ombre hair

As always, let’s start off with a classic. This medium haircut with a blonde ombre is a hairstyle that will suit every brunettes. Of course, don’t forget to curl your hair using a curling or flat iron to get it just like in the picture, but also, to show off your new hair color!


2. Brown Ombre Hairstyle

long wavy brunette ombre

Another classic of the bruntette hairstyles is the ombre done on long brown hair that go high almost reaching the top of your head! A very easy style to maintain.

Of course, don’t forget to slightly curly with a flat iron and then run your fingers through your hair to get this wavy effect as well. You can finish with some hairspray if you feel like it.


3. Medium Beachy Waves

middle parted brunette ombre hair

If you’re looking for a low maintenance hairstyle, then this is the one for you. Although this brunette ombre might be slightly lighter, it won’t require constant touch up and will bring a lot of life and movement to your hair.

Just remember to curl your hair with a big curling iron and run your fingers through it when you’re done to get these beachy waves kinda style.


4. Half Up Half Down Braids Style

half up half down hairstyles with brunette ombre color

A great way to show off the contrast between the colors in your hair is to go for this classic hairstyle, and luckily for you, it’s very easy to do. You can simply part your hair in half, braid them and letting the lower half hanging loose and you’re done.


5. Chocolate Brown Hair Color

subtle brunette ombre hair color

Again, this is a hairstyle for brunette people who are looking for low maintenance ombre hair, since the ombre itself is a very dark chocolaty tone that will blend with your natural hair.

Pair this color with an asymmetric -short in the back but longer on the front- medium bob and that’s it! You can also wave it to show off more the contrast between your real hair and the ombre.


6. Asymmetrical Bob

This one is very similar to the previous one, but this time, your hair should be short enough that it falls down your cheeks (with the back part always being shorter than the front).

Also, a good thing to notice in this brunette hair is that your ombre should reach almost the top of your hair and blend very well with the rest so it looks good.


7. Sandy Blonde Hair

If you’re looking for a more noticeable ombre hairstyle and you’re not afraid of going a little bit blonde, then this one is for you! You could either go for a short light brown hairstyle like in the picture, of letting it long, it doesn’t matter.

However, your ombre should be done with a very light sandy blonde color! And your stylist should make sure the ombre reaches out almost to the top of your hair as well.


8. Straight Ombre Hair

This is simply another classic ombre style for brunette hair. To get it, you should really ask your stylist to go for a lighter blonde to contrast your natural hair color, but also to give you some face-framing highlights in the front pieces of your hair.

That being said, remember to wear your hair down and to straighten it with a flat iron to get the same look!


9. Low Ponytail with Soft Curls

Believe it or not, soft ombre hair color can be visible even in a ponytail! If you want to recreate this hairstyle, first you’ll have to curl down your hair with a curling iron.

Then simply put your hair up in a ponytail and begin to carefully pull out strands of hair on the top of your hair to give it the ‘messy’ look. Last, but not least, apply hairspray to make sure the top part of your hair stays the same.


10. White Ombre Hairstyle

long curly tips brunette ombre

This is yet another classic ombre ideas for brunettes looking for a low maintenance look. The idea is for you to get a white ombre and then curl the tips of your dark brown hair to give it more volume and texture as well.


11. Ashy Brown Hair

Believe it or not, this ashy brown ombre hairstyle is very easy to recreate! First, you’ll have to curl your hair and let it sit in curling rolls for at least 30 minutes. After that, let your hair out of the rolls and set with hairspray.

Last, but not least, tuck one side of your hair behind your ear and add a little hairpin for the final touch and you’re done!


12. Curls + Side Part

Another great way to showcase your brunette hair with ombre is with this hairstyle! This time, as you curl your hair, hold the wave in place with big hairpins and let it sit.

After 20-30 minutes take the pins off, set with hairspray and you’re done! Also, don’t forget to part your hair slightly off to one side to really go for this old Hollywood vibe.


13. Curly Hair Ombre

This is for those who really want their ombre hair to shine. First, you’ll have to slick back your hair using hair gel and style it to he back.

Once you’ve done that, simply start to curl and break down the curls to give it a messier look. Of course, don’t forget to add hairpins to one side of your hair as in the picture for a badass yet cute brunette look!


14. Wavy Bob

Not all ombre hair has to be curled down to be able to appreciate the different colors in your hair! It will look even better if you ask your stylist to also cut down your hair to give it some layers that will show off when you blow dry it with a round comb!


15. High Ponytail with Weave

high curly ponytail with brunette ombre color

To get this particular hairstyle, this time you will have to put your hair into a very high ponytail first, and only when it’s done you should start to curl it so you can get it to look like in the picture.


16. Low and Messy Ponytail

As we said, it’s not necessary for you to let your hair down to show your brunette ombre hair; you could put your hair in a low pony, and then slightly wave it to really show off the colors in your hair just like in the picture!


17. Ombre Bob

This is definitely a look for those who want a total change! You’ll have to ask your stylist to cut down your hair to your cheeks and then curly it with a flat iron. Also, don’t forget to get baby bangs to complete the whole look!


18. Pigtail Braids

These pull-through braids will really help brunette girls to show off their ombre hair. All you have to do is first part your hair down the middle and braid it in a normal loose braid until you reach your neck, then, as you go, start doing a normal two braid style and tie it up at the end.

Remember to push out the hair to ‘puff’ the braid and make it seem like in the picture.


19. Half Up Hairstyle

This is a very romantic brunette hairstyle with gray ombre for you to try! It’s very simple also. First, you’ll have to curl your hair with the help of a flat iron. Once that’s done, simply divide your hair and tie the top part up, letting it fall down the rest of your hair.

Remember to add a little hair bow to give it the final touch and you’re done! Also, you could leave some strands of hair hanging loose on the front part to frame your face.


20. Puff Ponytail 

brunette ombre hair color

This hairstyle is very easy to do and will look great with your brunette ombre! First, slightly tease the top part of your hair before tying it up with a hair tie into a ponytail so you can get the ‘puff’ effect you see in the pic.

Then simply curl down the tail of your pony to give it more volume, leave some hair strands hanging loose on the front part and add a big hairpin on one side as a finishing touch.


21. Medium Curls

Whoever said you can’t have a ombre with natural curls is lying! Of course, to get this afro you will have to let your natural hair grow AND take proper care of it with a curly hair routine, but other than that, all you have to do is get an ombre that will help you add some depth into your hair.


22. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Another great way to bring out the colors in your brunette ombre hair is with a blown out. Just make sure you blow-dry your hair using a wide round comb to get the big waves in the hairstyle! Also, remember to blow your hair away from your face and not inwards!


23. Wrap Ponytail 

To get this ombre hairstyle you will first have to pull your brunette hair to the back of your head creating a very tight ponytail. Once that’s done, grab a curling iron a simply begin to curl the tail part of your pony. Don’t forget to use a setting spray to make sure the curls hold on through the day.


24. Bardot Bangs

This is a very easy, simple and low maintenance hairstyle. You’ll simply have a to get a very subtle ombre and let your natural hair fall down! Just don’t forget to cut some wide, wispy bangs to pull the look together.


25. Blonde Ombre Bob

short wavy brunette ombre hair

This ombre hairstyle on mid parted bob is known for being significantly shorter on the back and longer on the front part, also, you should definitely curl it with the help of a flat iron to bring some texture and movement to your dark brown hair!


26. Messy Cown Braids

Believe it or not, ombre hair can also show off even in a bun! To recreate this hairstyle first braid your hair into two big chunky braids and then tie them together on the back of your head, almost like a bun!

Last, but not least, remember to also leave some strands of hair hanging loose to get that ‘messy’ look.


27. Loose French Bun

This a variation of the previous style, but this time, instead of braiding your hair, you just have to put take your brunette hair and tie it in a very low bun at the back of your head. Again, you can leave some strands of hair hanging loose and even decorate the bun with a little hairpin as well.


28. Middle Parted Curls

Like we said, ombre looks good on naturally curly hair as well! Just remember to ask your stylist to focus the ombre only on the tips of your hair so the contrast between the two parts can be even more noticeable.


29. Genie Ponytail

brunette ombre hair color for women

Last, but not least, we’ve got this unique tight ponytail. Here are the trick, first you’ll have to separate your hair into two (yes, two) ponytails. The upper one should fall down covering the lower one so it looks like as if you have a very high ponytail that goes all the way down to your shoulders!


30. Curly Half Up Hair

half up brunette ombre hairstyles

This is pretty much a classic half up half down hairstyle for brunettes with ombre, but this time, instead just letting your hair hanging loose, you should curl it (including the two pieces of hair in the middle!) Then simply add a hair flower accessory to finish everything up.