50 Coolest Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men

Faux hawk hairstyles are very famous among boys as well as adult men. They just love to have any version of this hairstyle. Changes are brought in everything as the time passes. Similarly, if you see the first version of faux hawk haircut, you will understand how many changes are made in this hairstyle.


Incredible Faux Hawk Haircuts and Hairstyles to Look Good

Men of all ages like the faux hawk haircuts and hairstyles because of its versatile nature. You can wear it on many ways. We suggest you to adjust it according your facial components so that it looks good on you. To get some ideas about mens popular faux hawk hair variations, below is a list of 50 coolest trendy faux hawk hairstyles you’ll love to try.


#1: Faded Faux Hawk

cooles faux hawk hairstyle for men#1

If you want a decent cut which gives you a cool look, then you should go for faded faux hawk hairstyle. The sides are cut while the hair in the middle gives the look of spikes. You can opt this hairstyle for any party of function.


#2: Short Faux Hawk

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#2

This is one of the most favorite hairstyles among the men’s fohawk fade haircuts. In this hairstyle, the sides are not faded but the hair on the sides are cut short. The length of the hair in the middle of the head is larger than that of the hair on the sides.

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#3: Swirl

swirl short faux hawk hairstyle

In this stylish men haircut, the sides are faded while the hair on the center is set in the form of swirls. This hairstyle looks very nice if you have straight hair. The best hairstyle which suits on all the colors of hair.


#4: Front Combed Fade

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#4

This faux hawk haircut gives a messy look and the hair on the sides are short just close to the skin, and the center hair are combed to make a messy look. You can opt this hairstyle for any informal function.


#5: Curly Faded

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#5

If you have curly hair, you can also opt this hairstyle which is the best thing about fohawk fade that it can be applied to different textures of hair. So in curly faded faux hawk haircuts, the sides are faded while the center is little bigger in length and gives you an attractive look.


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#6: Spiked Faux Hawk

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#6

One of the most stylish versions of men’s cool faux hawk fade hairstyles collection. The spiked faux hawk gives you an amazing look. This hairstyle is the best for parties and wedding functions. If you are going outside with this beautiful cut, it is a guarantee that you must get lots of appreciation from people. The hair on the sides of the head is faded while the length of middle hair is relatively larger and given the shape of spikes.


#7: Buzz Cut Fohawk Fade

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#7

This is the best hairstyle for the boys with short hair. This haircut is a combination of two haircuts: buzz cut and a faux hawk. The small faux hawk on the center gives you a great look.


#8: Deep Part

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#8

If you want to gain a fashionable look and want to look stand out of the crowd, try this style. The sides are parted, and the middle hair is combed back.


#9: Extreme

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#9

Another amazing style among the the popular faux hawk fades for men. You can wear this hairstyle on the hair of different colors. And particularly on the people who have a long oval shaped faces this haircut rocks. The length of the center hair is relatively larger than the similar cuts.


#10: Finger Combed

coolest faux hawk hairstyle for men#10

A great style to own when you are going to a fun party. So if you are going outside with your friends for fun, try this. You will surely be noticed everywhere you go.

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