41 Cutest Dutch Braid Hairstyles for 2020 – Sneak a Peak

11. Princess Braids

dutch braids Blonde extensions hairstyle for girl

You can use Dutch braids to attach various extensions. For example, it’s a great opportunity to try a blonde loop braid. If your hair is light brown, you don’t need to damage it by using dyes. Make Dutch braids and attach a blonde weave.


12. Add-ons

dutch braids 14

Classic Dutch braids may seem boring to some people. That’s why once you get a hang of making them, you can create all types of hairstyles. For example, you can make one more braid in the middle.

Artistic Medium Box Braids


13. Cute and natural

 Cute and natural dutch braids hairstyle

Dutch braiding technique looks very natural. It creates a feeling of something airy and filled with excitement. That’s why when you make these braids, you can immediately feel as if your spirits are lifted.


14. The connection

dutch braids 16

This variation of the Dutch braiding can be a good choice for girls with thick hair. If your locks are thin, creating another braid in the middle might not look attractive. The best choice is to make two braids on top and let them end in ponytails.

Mesmeric Crown Braids


15. Braided Ponytail

dutch braids 17

There is no reason why Dutch hairstyles need to be tight. If you like making statements, try to avoid the classics. Make two loose braids on each side and connect them in the back of your head with a messy ponytail.