10 Best Dutch Braid Tutorials on YouTube

If you have ever seen Dutch braid tutorials, then you must have noticed its similarity to French braid. The waves are curls of the braid resembles with French braids while it’s also a three strand braid.


Popular Dutch Braid Tutorial

A perfect Dutch braid gives a mounted look as the side strands always come beneath the central strand. You may embellish the appearance of the braid with flowers and beads. A Dutch braid is for everyone whether you are an adult, a small girl, or a middle-aged woman.


1. Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

A double Dutch braid is the game of turns of your hands. In double Dutch braid, two braids are fused with each other. Make two halves of the hair and pick hair which is close to the forehead. Thin strands make a neat braid, and you should not mess up strands to prevent rough look.  Lightly lose the braid at the end.

Cutest Dutch Braid Hairstyles


2. Highlighted Crown Dutch Braid

Do you have thin hair and want a weaving hairstyle? Don’t worry because we are here to share highlighted crown Dutch braid tutorial with you. It gives a puffy look by adding volume to your hair.

All you need is to separate three strands from the one side of your head and repeat the same steps again and again. Use bobby pins to adjust the braid from the back side.


3. Formal Braided Updo

It’s another simple yet elegant hairstyle that takes seconds to do. Medium-hold hairspray, 4-5 bobby pins, and a paddle brush. This hairstyle is ideal for summer functions when you don’t want to open up your hair.

Front of Formal Braided Updo is like a highlighted crown while you a bun at the back of the head.


4. Flower Dutch Braid Tutorial

The strands of this hairstyle join up together and make a flower shape. The hairstyle takes only 7-10 minutes to be done. Pick the hair from the front of the face and start making a braid.

It gives zigzag shape from the front and back of the head while the lower part of the braid is wrapped up to make a flowery appearance.


5. Multi-Textured Dutch Ponytail

The multi-texture ponytail is a unique style for long hair as it shows the complete detail of hair and adds value to your style. The braid lets you make various variations which you can select as per your face shape and requirements.


6. Dutch Messy Bun and Fishtail Braid

It’s a combination of fishtail and messy Dutch bun. The hairstyle gives you an outstanding look for parties and stands you out from the crowd. The messy texture is blended with loose knots to add volume to the hairstyle.

The Best Dutch Braids for Short Hair


7. Long Double Dutch Braid

This double Dutch braid tutorial is for long and straight hair. The hairstyle answers to needs of both casual days and parties. If you have thin hair, then do backcomb to make a puffy appearance.


8. Dutch Fishtail Faux Hawk

Are you looking for a stylish party hairstyle? Don’t rely on daunting buns and straight hairs as Dutch Fishtail Faux Hawk hairstyle gives an exceptional appearance to your mid-length hair. Follow the tutorial and make sure pinning and looping of hair are done in the best way unless you want to disturb the sophisticated look of the hairstyle.


9. Dutch Braid Rose Hairstyle

Rose in the mid of the hairstyle distinguish it from flower Dutch braid hairstyle. Two braids are used. One is used to make flower while others hangs on the back. Long and mid-length hair is ideal for this hairstyle.


10. Dutch Same Side Braid

Same side Dutch braid hairstyle tutorial guides you to handle heavy hair in a great manner. It remains on the same side and keeps hair away from the face. Beads and hair bands can be used to boost the beauty of your hairstyle.


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Braids always make their place in the latest hairstyle, but the above mentioned Dutch braid tutorials let you make different and catchy hairstyles with a little modification. The place of curls and flicks is always there while no hairstyle consumes more than 15 minutes. Pick the one for your hair and enjoy your beauty with a new perspective!

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