8 Ways to Style A Faux Hawk Taper

Faux hawk taper styles have been in fashion for quite some time now. It’s a style that is unique and gives off a charming aura especially when it is faux hawk taper one is talking about. Tag along to know what is hot and what is not in the world of Faux hawk tapers.


Best Tapered Faux Hawk Hairstyles

Go bold this year with this amazing taper cut faux hawk styles that our experts have carefully curated for you.

1. Classic Fohawk

faux hawk taper haircut for men

Before leading you to the styling of a faux hawk taper hairstyle, let’s start by looking at the good old classic black men’s taper haircut. This style is cool and is suitable for hair lengths of all types.

You up for a long length faux hawk, you can go ahead and style it, even a medium and short length can also adorn this amazing hairstyle.


2. Dyed Faux Hawk with Undercut

dyed faux hawk taper

If you are thinking about adding a little zing to the regular old, faux hawk with taper fade, try out some dues to add exclusiveness to the styles.

Have the sides and the temples shaved for the taper, but the crown where the mass will be can be dyed to a shade you prefer. This makes the style stand out and catch the eyes of several admirers on the street.


3. Voluminous Mohawk Mullet

guy with faux hawk taper

The thing with a tapered faux hawk is that you have to leave the temples and the back in the regular tapered style, but you have plenty of mass to experiment with on the crown.

In this style, you can opt to have a thick volume over the crown and style it by either dying it to your favorite color or simply enjoying the look of a regular fohawk. The extra volume adds a class and a trendy look to your style.


4. Short Length Faux Hawk with Fade

faux hawk taper with high skin fade

If you do not want the regular taper on the sides and the back, you can add gradient and dimension to your faux hawk taper by adding a bit of skin fade to it.

Wearing the sides and back shorter with a tint of skin fade will add dimension to the style and will defiantly form a great hairdo to rock in summers. Plus you can have the faux hawk fade styled to your own taste to stand out in the crowd.


5. Spiky Fohawk with Fade

faux hawk taper with bald fade

Another way to style your tapered faux hawk is to have it all spiky with a bald fade. The spikes will add boldness to your style and gives a lasting first impression. As for the bald taper fade, that adds a gradient to your regular taper cut.

So if you are a fan of faux hawks and are looking for something bold in the style, this hairstyle is a must-try for you. To further emphasize the spiky Fohawk you can always add some color to it to further elaborate the style.


6. ‘Hawk with Some COLOR

faux hawk taper with color for men

Having a colored faux hawk elaborates the style and accentuates the cuts and features of the tapered hairstyle. Especially if you play with some highlights on the top, the style becomes exotic. While dying your hair in one shade will improve the look, having multiple gradients of shades will add to the uniqueness of the style.

Whether you want it all in a single color or in multiple colors is up to you. We will recommend this hairstyle to teen boys, which are always up with experimenting with various shades.


7. Curly Faux Hawk

Curly Faux Hawk Taper for men

If you have curly hair, we even have a taper faded faux hawk style for you. The curly hair according to us makes the best of the ‘hawk hairstyles. Having a curly unruly mass of curls on the crown can be a delight when it comes to faux hawk style. Plus a low taper on the sides adds to the cheeriness of the hairstyle.

An added plus of this hairstyle is that it covers up any receding hairline, so you don’t have to worry about it. It is recommended for people who naturally have curly hair, or those fearing baldness owing to a receding hairline.


8. Textured Punk Hair

Textured Faux Hawk Taper

The last style on the list is another unique way to style a faux hawk taper. Having a textured fohawk on the crown coupled with the high bald fade on the sides and the back adds great dimension to the hairstyle. At the same time, having texture in the crown is essential for those having to face thin hair problem.

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