12 Long Layered Bobs for Your Inspiration

Do you ever feel like your hair has become one shaggy piece of clump hanging from your head? If so, you need layers in your life stat! A long layered bob packs a lot of movement and volume, and is versatile in that it looks amazing when worn with or without bangs.

Whether you choose a piecey thin bang that grazes eyes, a baby bang with choppy ends, or a long dramatic bang, every layered bob hairstyle looks gorgeous.


Bobs with Long Layers

For 12 chic and stylish long layered bobs, read on!

1. Long Layered Bob with Bangs

Long Layered Bob with Bangs

We love the way these layers begin with the straight bangs and fall feather-like to frame a freckled face. The ginger color is a favorite as it wears well on a layered bob with bangs.


2. Layered Inverted Lob

Layered Inverted Lob

For a curly inverted bob, to everyone facing you it may seem like your hair is long, but turn around a surprise awaits: shorter pieces that will keep your neck cool.


3. Long A-Line Bob with Layers

Long A-Line Bob with Layers

If your hair tends to be worn straight all the time, not only will an A-line bob give it new shape, but the layers will make it easy for you to style and the waves will liven up what was once a predictable look.


4. Long Angled Layered Bob

Long Angled Bob With Layers

Straight hair amazes as a long angled layered bob. The mix of short and long pieces interspersed throughout is super sexy. Pin a few rhinestone clips in to dress it up even more.


5. Layered Lob with Side Bangs

layered long bob with side bangs

Looking for a low maintenance do? A layered bob with side bangs is one hairstyle you can wake up and go with. Not to mention the piecey bangs will look super cute when you wear hair up in a pony.


6. Long Layered Thin Bob

Long Layered Thin Bob

To give thin hair body, use a curling wand or a texture creme on fingers to create waves for a luscious bob. Straight bangs that meet the eyes will make sure they’re the center of attention.


7. Layered Lob for Round Face

Layered Lob for Round Face

When you want a more professional, classy cut, you’ll love what the layered lob does. On a round face, part hair at either side right above the eyebrow to square up the shape.


8. Long Thick Layered Bob

Long Thick Layered Bob

In order for it not to become too unruly, a long thick bob needs lots of layers. A fun color like a bright red will also bring out your wild side.


9. Choppy Long Layered Bob

Choppy Long Layered Bob

It’s a throwback to the 80s with this choppy long layered bob. Combine brown and caramel ombre with gorgeous waves and baby bangs for a hairstyle to die for.


10. Long Layered Curly Bob

Long Layered Curly Bob

Rock your natural hair texture by using curl-enhancing creme on a curly bob with long layers. No need for bangs when you’ve got touchable texture and an overall style you’ll love.


11. Layered Messy Long Bob

Layered Messy Long Bob

The messy look is in! Extra-long layers on straight hair create this wispy, windblown bob. Let bangs grow as long as you can stand for a dramatic style.


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12. Long Layered Bob for Black Women

Long Layered Bob for Black Women

Black layered bobs are super chic. A side part with a big swooped side bang is all you need to be work-ready or weekend ready for a hang out with the girls.


Your final long layered bob hairstyle should make you feel beautiful. See if some of your favorite actresses or celebrities have rocked this look before for inspiration on how you can put your own personal touches on it. And don’t be afraid to experiment with as many short or long layers as you want – it’s your hairstyle!