45 Magical Updos Dedicated to Medium Length Hair

16. Knot Braid

updos medium hair with Chain braid

While a chain braid might seem complicated when you see it on someone else, it’s actually pretty easy to make. Take advantage of these simple instructions to create one of the best updos for medium hair.


17. High hair

updos for medium hair

This high hair twist is easy to achieve just by brushing. Take a close look at the picture and repeat the process. Don’t forget to use a brush to pump the volume of the hair up on the top.



18. Braids and buns

updos for medium hair

The above three options can help you enjoy the braids and buns with your medium hair. The instructions are straightforward. They might seem hard at first, but once you try them, you’ll be surprised at the simplicity.


19. Curly Bun

updos for medium hair

This option is the perfect choice for a special occasion. You make a low ponytail, pin the ends up to the back of your head and curl each one of the strands. You might need to do some extra clipping.


20. Triple twisting

updos for medium hair

If you always wondered how to make these fun low twists, take a look. Make three ponytails and then lift each one to be clipped to the beginning of another. You should twist the strands in the process.