15 Brown Hair Highlights for Medium Length Hair

Brown hair is one of the most common hair colors used by women. It certainly does not have to look boring. Brown hair can be beautified and made more lively with the addition of highlights or some other hair coloring techniques.

These brown hair highlights for women with medium length hair will give you some inspirations.

1. Medium Brown Hair with Highlights

shoulder length brown hair with highlights

The shoulder-length hair is the perfect hair length that suits all face shapes. This hairstyle presents a straight look where the entire length is equal.

The hair is parted in the middle or to the side. The highlights are light brown, fit the dark brown hair perfectly and are low. They are discreet and eye-catching at the same time. The hairstyle can be worn straight or wavy.


2. Highlighted Curls

medium curly brown hair with highlights

The curly hair can appear boring and plain in its regular and natural look. However, the blonde highlights on brown curls are nice refreshment that beautifies the look. The curly hairstyle is medium long, reaching the shoulders and maybe just a bit over them.

The layering is evident in the front and the spirals are nicely formed and defined. The highlights come low, just at the ends and give the entire hairstyle a lighter and more modern look.


3. Chocolate Brown Hair + Highlights

medium brown hair with orange highlights

These orange highlights come as a mixture between brown, red and orange hair color, and on a brown base, they present this exact look.

As for their position, they are strategically done in places where they will be present just enough. They are thick, bigger and bolder.

When the medium length hair is done in waves, they present a playful look. They come out as orange highlights under the brown hair.


4. Thin and Dense Blonde Highlights

medium brown hair with ashy highlights

The blonde highlights are a popular choice among women who are still dwelling over whether they should go blonde or stay brunette.

This medium hairstyle presents layered dark brown hair that is done in blonde highlights. The entire hairstyle becomes even more beautiful when the hair is styled in loose waves.


5. Auburn Highlights

medium brown hair with highlights

The golden finish on any hair color gives a warm and soft look of the hair. If that comes in the form of highlights, the hair looks like it is sun-kissed. This shoulder-length hairstyle has a straight cut where the auburn highlights appear at the ends of the brown hair.

For a better color balance, some highlights go a bit higher in the hair. The hair is curled on the ends which make the golden shade even more dominant.


6. Discreet Babylights 

The lob is a haircut that also greatly represent the highlighting technique. In this hairstyle, the highlights are discreet, high and thin.

They are precisely positioned so that there is the same amount of lighter color on both of the sides. They don’t start immediately after the root, but the color becomes denser at the ends.

On the brown hair, the best choice is some ashy blond hair color.


7. Golden Blonde Highlights

The honey shade is a soft and warm blond shade. It is not to light, however, it does reflect different shine on the different base color. On darker brown hairs, the golden blonde comes as a nice refresher and gives a warm tone to the entire hair.

The highlights are intense, present throughout the hair and they provide a nice sun-kissed look. The soft waves make the highlights even more dominant and eye-catching.


8. Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

The lighter brown hairs, that have a reddish undertone will also see that their lighter highlights will have the same undertone. In that case, not to overdo the color and damage the hair, a nice option is doing the hair in balayage.

In this technique, the gradual change of color will be seen through the entire length of the hair. The reddish tone in the lighter shades will present itself as a warm caramel. The entire look will be soft and nice.


9. Short Blonde Highlights

The short version of the highlights comes on short or medium hairstyles, for example on bobs. The length of the hair barely reaches the shoulders and the highlights are positioned in the lower parts of the hair.

They visually give the hair different and fresher look, but at the same time, they don’t make the hairstyle look shorter than it is.


10. Bluish Highlights

shoulder length brown hair with bluish highlights

Doing blue highlights on a brown hair is also a very colorful and unordinary choice. To achieve a certain shade of blue that you desire, the brown hair will need some bleaching.

Blue is one of those hair colors that with every wash tend to fade and change their color. This will lead to having a different shade of blue every week. These ashy blue tones perfectly go with medium light brown hair.


11. Red Highlights

The red highlights on a brown hair come as a bold but natural color gradation. Almost very brown hair does contain red undertones, some stronger some lighter.

The stacked curly bob does include many different appearances in the look – it is a trendy haircut, with red bold highlights and medium curls that define the color even more.


12. Copper Highlights

The copper highlights are intense and cover most of the hair portion. It is a color that dominates the hairstyle.

The base is dark brown, while the cut is straight and reaches the shoulders. The highlights start high, and they are dense and present throughout the hair.

The copper shade beautifully blends with the dark brown, giving a wonderfully warm look. The soft and medium loose curls make the color even more dominant.


13. Balayage Highlights

The linear highlighting is a common and popular option. Although it is among the first highlighting options in the hair business, it is still popular.

The younger generation, however, prefers ombre and balayage, while the older one sticks to this technique.

The linear highlighting starts immediately in the roots and goes all the way down. The highlights are lines, that are done parallel and visually give an elongating effect on the hair. The final look is interesting and playful.


14. Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

medium brown hair with neon highlights

Pink highlights are extremely popular this season. The comeback of the neon color both in fashion and in the beauty department has left a mark in the hair industry also. The bright and energetic colors are finding their way on the hair in the form of highlights.

Orange, pink or any mixture in between is a cool option. It will bring a new trendy vibe into the hairstyle you wear. The stacked bob, shorter at the back and longer at the front is a suggestion to try out.


15. Top Layer Highlights

medium layered brown hair with highlights

For those who do not want to make a big change, but still want to do something different with their light brown hair, doing a few highlights on the top of the head is the right thing.

The medium brown hair will instantly look different if you add a few shades lighter highlights only on the top portion of the head. They should equally fall to the sides, and make the hair look only lighter from the top.


Brown medium hair with highlights is a universal look and choice for women, but with a little help of the highlights, it can be transformed into a dashing new look.

The highlights give warmth and softness to any look. If you choose to go for some bold color, in that case, your fashionable and trendy sense will come on display through the fabulous highlights.