70 Mohawk & Fohawk Fade Hairstyles for Manly Look

When you first hear about fohawk fade or a mohawk fade you might think that such hairstyles are too extravagant. Over the years these haircuts helped boys and men make real statements. If you are one of those guys who keep an eye 

Starting with a high crest and ending with small spikes, the variety of the fohawk fade hairstyles are amazing. Any man can choose the one he likes the best.

A fohawk is a lighter version of a mohawk and will not have you shaving any hair. However, the fohawk fade can look dashing. If you are afraid to go for the men’s unique haircuts, you can start with something less extravagant. There are even hairstyles you can easily wear to the office. All you need to do is make the choice that suits you best.


Men’s Mohawk & Fohawk Fade Hairstyles

Getting a fohawk (Faux Hawk) or a mohawk hairstyle requires a little bravery. Not every man is ready to cut his hair to create something out of the ordinary. Young men are usually bold and are ready to try the unique hairstyles. Older men can also find a hairstyle to suit them while staying young at heart.

We handpicked a list of 70 most interesting mohawk and fohawk fade hairstyles for you to consider and maybe even try. It is important to remember that making a statement with your hair is always satisfying and does wonders for lifting your mood.


1. Ponytail crest

Ponytail crest hair for men

This mohawk hairstyle is a great way to keep long hair neat. Some men prefer leaving hair on top long in order to have the freedom to create different outrageous styles. But for everyday wear, you can tie it into a ponytail. The end of the ponytail is held by the same elastic band as its root.

Difference Between Mohawk and Fohawk


2. High fade mohawk

man nice Mohawk hairstyle

This original hairstyle is created by making a high fade and leaving a lot of hair on top. The fade makes this haircut very special since not all the hair on the sides is shaved. The top can be lifted upwards and secured with hair gel.


3. Mohawk designs


Whenever you shave your hair, there is always room for designs. Men don’t usually go for something extravagant in the design area. Simple lines and geometrical figures can do the trick. Adding a neat beard will make the image even more unique.


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4. Short classical fohawk fade

black men Short classical fohawk hair

This fohawk or faux hawk haircut is considered to be a short classic for black men. The hair on the sides is trimmed as short as possible and a thin line of hair is left on top. The hair starts at the top of the forehead and runs down to the neck. No styling needed!


5. Long fohawk with faded sides


This is one of the simpler fohawk hairstyles that can be sported by men of all ages. The hair on the sides is tapered and left long on top and the back. The faded sides are very low. This creates a very light fohawk version.

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