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Undercut Faux Hawk: 8 Styles That Take No Commitments

The undercut faux hawk look takes much less of a commitment than a mohawk. A mohawk style is a thinner strip of hair which traditionally runs from the front of the head to the back of the head. Mohawk hairstyles will usually be hairless, other than the hair in this thin strip. Because a mohawk style can take a lot of commitment, guys can choose to try an undercut faux hawk hairstyle instead. 


What is An Undercut Faux Hawk?

Instead of shaving off all of the rest of their hair, guys are able to create a faux hawk strip by brushing their hair up into a spine. To make this strip of hair more prominent, it is possible to undercut the hairstyle.

Undercutting means trimming certain areas to make the hair shorter. A faux hawk is much easier to maintain than a mohawk is because guys can simply comb their hair back down again if they want to try something different.


1. Peaked Fringe Faux Hawk and Long Undercut

Peaked Fringe in Long Undercut

This hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for a formal event. By styling your hair this particular way, you get to keep your medium length hair. This hairstyle is perfect if you have thick or thin, relatively straight hair.

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2. Choppy Spiked Cut with Minimal Undercut

Spiked with Minimal Under haircut

If you are comfortable with the look where your hair is spiked, this is a great option. This choppy spiked look is a classic undercut faux hawk with a modern twist. This is what makes it so appealing. You could wear this hairstyle to funky events where you don’t mind the attention.


3. Tousled Faux Hawk and Fade Undercut

Tousled Faux Hawk and Fade Undercut

This tousled faux hairstyle, is the perfect bed head look. It is easy to style and won’t take a lot of your time. If you have naturally thick hair, this style is perfect. The skin fade tones down the overpowering hair on the crown. All in all, this hairstyle is everything that a man needs for an attractive hairstyle. 


4. Faux Hawk with Trimmed Line

Faux Hawk with Undercut and Trimmed Line

This hairstyle is an excellent example of how trimmed lines can make you look much edgier. If you are dabbling with the idea of edgy and cool, yet don’t want to look over the top, trim lines are apt. Combined those trimmed lines with texture hair and you have an attractive and trendy hairstyle.


5. Faux Hawk and Widow’s Peak Hairstyle

faux hawk undercut with widows peak

If you prefer your hair significantly short and intend to take a minimal amount of time styling it, this is great. This widow’s peak hairstyle is classic yet trendy. You also get to keep a little length at the front, which is what makes the style appealing. This undercut fohawk hairstyle could be worn for any occasion.


6. Thick Faux Hawk and Short Undercut

Short Undercut Faux Hawk

Do you particularly like voluminous hair? If yes, then this thick faux hawk can be your next style. It’s a great way to add volume and look handsome at the same time. This look brings the vintage elegance and at the same time, a modern touch.

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7. Lightly Waved Style and Fade

Faux Hawk in Lightly Waved Style

If you have wavy hair and are skimming through hairstyle to pick, we’ve got this for you.  This faux hawk hairstyle allows you to accept and embrace your waves. Additionally, it also styles them to compliment your looks, making you look attractive and sophisticated.


8. Thin Rolled Faux Hawk and Thick Bushy Beard

Thin Faux Hawk and Thick Beard

There is no better way than to compliment your hair with a thick beard. This thin roll hairstyle is perfect for formal and informal situations. It would be perfect for any hair texture as well. If you want to play safe and look sexy, this thin undercut fohawk should be your next pick.

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An undercut faux hawk or faded faux hawk is something a little bit different than guys can try. This is a great way to wear your hair in a temporary mohawk style.