The Best Finger Wave Hairstyles for Men to Look Classy

Finger wave is such a style statement that it looks good on both men and women alike. According to our old notion, we think men unlike women can’t go for different kinds of hairstyle.

But we all are so wrong, to be correct men might end up having more types of hairstyles than women. Apart from the regular sleek styles, men also go for finger wave hairstyle!

finger waves for men

This style was predominately followed during the 1920s and all people, common people to celebrities all followed this style during that time. Though with time style did change, still did this finger wave style come up all over again, setting a new trend in the 21st century! So, here goes the list.


Vintage Finger Wave Hairstyles for Men

Finger Waves rocked the world for men in the early 19th century that don’t mean it stayed there, the style has made its way into the modern men’s hair trends with a retro look. Have a look at these edgy men’s finger wave hairstyles for inspiration.

Long Styles

long finger waves on men

Well, this finger wave style can go with any kind of length of hair; be it long or short! If you are having bit long hair and thinking of chopping it off, then don’t! try this new long finger wave hairdo. It will definitely suit up with your personality.

This particular hairstyle came up to be one of the most trending hairstyles of present times. Not only does this hairstyle make you look classy but also kind of gives you a retro look!


Bob Cut Finger Wave

finger waves on bob haircut

The last time you hit a saloon, you went for a bob cut, but to your utter dismay you can’t quite figure out what you need to do with your bob cut. No more worries as you can easily go for bob cut with finger waves, it is damn easy, and you can wear this hairstyle with any kind of outfit, you will look if not handsome but absolutely adorable with this one hairstyle. So, go for it.

Popular Wavy Hairstyles for Men


Curly Finger Wave Style

finger waves on curly hair

Many men worry as they have got curly hair. They spend hours and days thinking, what can they do with their curly hair! Cut them or do something that would allow you to properly style it. We would suggest you do no such thing.

Instead, give your hair a new look! Go for curly finger wave hairstyle, not only will it make you look different but also make you stand out in the crowd. So next time you walk into the saloon, instead of doing anything with your curly hair, ask your barber to give you this look.


Shiny Style

shiny finger waves for men

This style will suit you if you have short hair. Before you go for this hairstyle make sure that you have shampooed your hair properly, only then will the style come out good. When you are going for this hairstyle apply a bit of gel or serum to make them look shiny and you’ll get your shiny finger wave style for men.


These finger wave hairstyles go with any kind of hair you have got; curly or straight, bob or blunt, long or short! So next time you go out somewhere do not think much and go for this style.