15 Epic Maroon Red Hair Ideas Not Seen Before

Maroon is a shade of brown which has strong purple and red undertones. It is a very popular choice for women with dyed hair. Maroon red hair is a lovely choice for women of all skin tones because the color is gorgeous and complementary. The styles which we have chosen below look absolutely great in a shade of maroon.


Why Choose Maroon Red hair?

Maroon red is super popular at the moment because it is a shade which is a little bit out of the ordinary, but it is not too extreme. Women can choose this color without people thinking that they are too adventurous. At the same time, dyeing your hair a maroon red hair color is a great way to seize the day!

1. Dark Maroon Red Hair

dark maroon red hair

Maroon is beautiful on a short A Line bob with a center part and curled ends. It shines on straight hair but will be just as cute on waves.


2. Short Maroon Red Hair

If you’re the type to wear your hair super short, cut into a pixie layered with tight curls. Maroon will show off the texture and the cut will flatter all your angles.


3. Long Maroon Braid

maroon red hair

For long or medium length hair that is past the shoulders, after glossing your hair with a gorgeous maroon, start at one side of the head and form a long side braid, securing it with a cute hair tie over the shoulder..


4. Maroon Red Balayage

For even longer hair, try a maroon balayage. It’s an easy and gorgeous way to keep your natural hair color and try something fun. Fill your hair with waves or wear straight in this half updo.


5. Maroon Red Natural Hair

This maroon red hair color actually has a tinge of purple, the perfect shade for a long curly pixie. After a deep part, hair will be filled with gorgeous color and a lift for volume.


6. Asymmetrical A-Line Bob

Asymmetrical A-Line Bob with maroon red hair

An asymmetrical A-line bob is a great cut for women who want an edgy new look. A side parting also enhances the misaligned style.


7. Maroon Ombre Style with Curls

Maroon Ombre Style with Curls

Ombre styles gradually change from one shade to another from the roots to the tips. Maroon looks gorgeous with blonde or ginger shades.


8. Maroon Tips

Maroon Tips

Rather than coloring your whole head with maroon hair dye, you can just color the ends of your style. This is like a reverse Ombre hair color effect.

Enormously Cute Weave Ponytails


9. Glamorous Curls

Lovely big curls look beautiful as part of a maroon red hairstyle. A sweeping side fringe helps to make this haircut especially glamorous.


10. Afro Style Curls

For a voluminous hairstyle that looks absolutely fantastic, try out this Afro style haircut. If your hair is not like this naturally, a chemical perm may help you to recreate the look.


11. Lightly Layered Look with Heavy Fringe

maroon red hair with heavy fringe

A lightly layered look can be styled in a lot of different ways, and it can be worn up or down. The heavy fringe also adds an extra layer of intensity to the hairstyle.


12. Thick Luscious Hairstyle

hairstyle for maroon hair

A thick and luscious hairstyle is a good way to show off the intensity of a maroon red hairstyle. Long hairstyles look great in red color.


13. Cute Updo with Bangs

Beautiful bangs are really popular with younger women because they add a cheeky flirty look. These bangs are good with long hairstyles and updos too.


14. Wavy Bob

wavy bob with maroon red hair

A shoulder-length bob is a really cute and playful hairstyle. Light waves are a great choice for women who want a little bit of texture in their hairstyle.


15. Braided Hairstyle

maroon red hair with braided hairstyle

Auburn maroon braids look really good on women with darker skin tones. Maroon colors take on a beautiful bronze hue which creates an expensive look.


Now that you know some of the benefits of coloring your hair a reddish shade of maroon, you will be able to make the choice for yourself. Maroon red hair is absolutely wonderful.

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