Bald Fade Hairstyle with Part – 7 Exciting Looks for Men

Bald fade with part is perhaps one of the most fashionable haircuts for men these days. The bald fade features a sleek combination of long lengths of hair at the top with cropped sides and back that seamlessly transition right down to the skin level.

Moreover, the addition of an impressive military-style parted hair truly takes things up a notch. The final look is strikingly stylish, sophisticated and masculine with lots of contrast between the hair texture and length.


How to Cut Bald Fade

How to Cut Bald Fade Haircut

Creating the perfect bald fade haircut requires great precision so it’s better to go to an experienced stylist or barber and trust them to give you the look you desire. Your hair stylist will remove the majority of the hair on your sides and back using clippers with a guard.

They will then move on to outlining a baseline around your head. This baseline, along with all the hair below it will be completely shaved off. Your stylist will then use clippers sizes to give you a perfect bald fade that transitions your fade smoothly into the hair on top of your head.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Do Bald Fade Haircut


How to Style Bald Fade with Part

How to Style Bald Fade with Part

With the fade on the sides and the back, your barber can style your bald fade with part to dramatically alter your look. Like other fades, the bald fade can be high, low or medium and you can ask your stylist to keep the hair length short, medium or long on the top as well.

However, medium to long lengths of hair will give a greater contrast along with a variety of options on how to style them according to the occasion. You can mess them up for a day out with friends or slick back your hair for a meeting at the office.


Best Bald Fade Hairstyles with Part

With so many ways to carry a bald fade with the part, here are the top 7 hairstyles you can choose to try out when you go for a trim the next time:

1. Comb Over with Hard Part

Comb Over Bald Fade with Hard Part

The mid fade combover with the hard part is the perfect option for those with wide, round or diamond faces. This is because the style does not add any width to the face, particularly at the temples. The look can be polished to sheer masculinity with a classic combover hairstyle with a full beard to add a retro touch to your look and be the definition of style.


2. Bald Taper Fade

Low Bald Taper Fade with Part

Tapers and fades both chop the hair from short to shorter, but fades are even shorted than taper when the two are compared. The bald taper face effortlessly combines the two. Short hair around the back and skin are tapered down to the skin at the temples and around the back of the neck for a clean finish.

If you have naturally wavy hair, this tapered bald fade with part will be perfect for you. Moreover, longer hair at the top can be shaped in any way you want to amp up the overall look.


3. Bald Fade with Beard

high bald fade with part

The combination of bald fade haircut with part and beard can look absolutely wonderful if it can be pulled off successfully. The secret to nailing this look is by achieving a subtle contrast between your fade haircut and beard. This can be done by tapering your beard shorter towards the ears and gradually growing int longer lengths as you approach the chin.


4. Skin Fade with A Man Bun

bald skin fade with man with man bun

A bald fade looks can look super sassy when paired with a modish man bun. This parted bald fade hairstyle is perfect for those with natural, long locks. You can even amplify your style and achieve an insanely dapper and retro look with a double bun.


5. High Top Fade with Part

mid bald fade with design

You can customize your hairstyle by incorporating some design in your low bald fade. The design itself can consist of anything you want, ranging from a set of lines to complex patterns and symbols or even the initials of your lady love. Let your imagination go wild and create our own signature bald fade with part hairstyle.


6. Curly Taper Fade

bald fade with part for curly hair

If you have curly hair, mid to high bald fade with a part can be the perfect hairstyle to tone up your overall looks. You can keep the length of the curls on the top of your head longer. Style your curls with hair wax or pomade for greater a definition and complement the entire look.


7. Pompadour with Bald Fade

Hard Part Pompadour with Mid Bald Fade

The classic pompadour can be modernized by combining it with a bald fade and a part to create an ever-so-iconic look. Style the pompadour with a pomade for a surprisingly versatile and sexy formal look.


FAQs on Bald Fade with Part Hairstyles

Q. Are Bald Fade And Skin Fade The Same?

Ans: Yes, bald fade and skin fade haircuts are the same. These two names are used interchangeably to refer to the same haircut. Use either of the terms and your barber will deliver the same cut.


Q. How Long Does Bald Fade Take to Grow Back?

Ans: It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to grow back enough hair for a cut after you’ve had a bald fade. It will take an additional month for each half-inch of hair growth if you want to grow your hair longer.


Q. Is Bald Fade with Part Hairstyle Professional?

Ans: Yes, bald fade with the part gives a neat and sophisticated look that is considered highly professional in official settings.


The bald fade haircut with a part is your absolute go-to hairstyle if you want something trendy and stylish. The stark contrast of shaved sides and a full head of hair stands out and instantly captures the attention of people. Bald fade haircuts with the part is definitely easy to get and manage and will surely be a head-turner for people around you

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