Bald Fade with Waves: 6 Out of The Ordinary Looks

Bald fade is perhaps one of those modern and contemporary styles that exude glitz, suave sophistication and an absolutely cool countenance. When done on waves, it becomes cooler!

Bald fade on waves is popular, trendy and in many ways an immensely practical too. It is a stylish way to keep your hair comfortable and good-looking at the same time.


Best Bald Fade Hairstyles with Waves

If you are keen on these waves, here is a quick lowdown on some of the best combinations with a bald fade. The fade here adds contrast as well as creates just the right canvas to showcase the waves in the best possible way.

1. High Bald Fade

bald fade with waves

In this bald fade haircut, the waves are concentrated only at the top of the crown. As the waves are limited, maintenance of this style is fairly easy, and it brings out the contrast brilliantly.

This style works well in casual as well as formal set up quite well. That also enhances the charm of this style to a large extent.

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2. Temp Fade on Waves

bald fade on waves for men

The distinguishing factor of this look is the distinct taper at the ends. In many ways, it is this tapering style that brings out the USP.

It not only changes the overall look but also offers an easy to achieve variation. It is comfortable, convenient and practical. This is a type of style that will always ensure appreciation and admiration.


3. Artistic Designer Shapes

low bald fade wavy hair with design

But if the basic bald fade bores you, this look on thick wavy hair with artistic shavings is sure to floor you. Whether you love planets or geometric patterns, you can choose to have just about any type of shape in the fade region.

The length of the fade can also be adjusted as per your needs. Instead of the regular high fade, you can choose to have a lower length for a more striking impact on the whole.


4. Fade on 360 Waves

low bald fade with dyed 360 waves

The 360-degree waves cove the region left by the low bald fade. But what really distinguishes it is the intelligent use of a bright hair color shade.

It does not just reiterate the waves in the right light but also enhances the contrast of the bald fade. That is what makes this style all the more striking.

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5. Bald Fade + Beard

wavy bald fade hair with beard

The waves are arranged in Julius Ceaser haircut, and when combined with the bald fade, it helps in bringing out a distinctively different hairstyle.

When you pair it with a thin mustache and the stubble beard, it works beautifully in bringing out your subtle masculine energy to the hilt.


6. Bald Fade with Part

bald fade waves with line

The faded haircut with line brings out the much-needed variation in this style. It is both subtle and creative in one breath. The bald fade on waves gets accentuated with the line.

This also adds a subtly stylish touch to the overall hairdo and creates a lasting impression.


The bald fade and the waves work because of the contrast it offers. However, maintenance of the waves is not that easy. Even for the bald fade to maintain its unique appeal, you must shave it regularly.

That is what will be able to bring out the ultimate impact of the look. But once you execute it faultlessly, it brings to light a trendy and popular style that can guarantee admiration at every turn.

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