15 Ravishing Bob with Bangs for Black Women to Explore

There are not many styles as lovely for black women as a bob with bangs, are there? The sleek black bob is unrivaled by other hairstyles when you are aiming at charm, class, and modernity. If you want to have a chic new hairstyle, but do not know where to start then here is a complete guide on bob with bangs for you.


How To Style Black Bob with Bangs And Weave

bob and bangs with weave for black hair

A bob for black hair goes a long way in uplifting your overall charm, so you should go for it. Here is how you can style a bob with bangs and weave for black women.

  • Begin with brushing your natural hair thoroughly and then twisting it in small patches.
  • Secure the twisted hair in with bobby pins and then cover your head with a mesh net for hair.
  • Then take out the weave which has hair glue attached to it and then attaches it to the net covering your hair.
  • Once all your head is covered in weave comb it with a side part and cut the weave to the desired length of your bob.
  • Cut some bangs in the front and then secure your weave with bobby pins in the place.
  • Spray your bob weave and bangs once and you are all set to go out and impress people with a lovely bob.


Lovely Bob with Bangs Styles for Black Women

Here are 15 of the loveliest black bob hairstyles with bangs that you are sure to love.

1. Golden Highlighted Straight Bob

highlighted bob with bangs for black women

Straight one-length bobs are a huge fashion trend nowadays since the hair at the back and the front is of the same length. The ends of the bob are slightly curved inwards and give off a dramatic and chic look.

The golden blonde highlights compliment this black bob with bangs so well that you just have to give them a shot.


2. Curly Bob with Bangs

curly bob with bangs for black hair

This curly lob is a fun addition with bangs hairstyle. The curly locks are cut in unequal strands and make a more mysterious and enchanting look. Wear this black women’s bob with bangs look to your work or to any party, it will work perfectly well for all situations.


3. Wavy Bob with Bangs

wavy bob with bangs for black women

This is a fun and funky hairstyle with a short wavy bob with bangs  which has all the right feels for a bold and confident black woman of this era.

You can add some highlights to this hairstyle to show your creative and bold side to the world. To top it off, you can make the waves looser so that you get to flaunt your African American hair in style.


4. Vibrant Sew in Bob

black women with purple bob and bangs

This purple bob with bangs hairstyle is perfect for black women who love experimenting with new colors and styles. You can have as many shades of purple in it as you like and still look super cool and classy at the same time. Just don’t forget to dye the bangs purple too.


5. Sleek Bob with Side Bangs

bob with side swept bangs for black women

This sleek black bob with bangs is worth giving a try, isn’t it? The hair is cut in all the right angles and has just the perfect thickness for an exquisite short bob. The stylish curvy bang at the front is so chic and stylish that it is worthy of a front page.


6. Platinum Blonde Bob

The black women usually do not go for blonde hair, but blonde suits them too if styled in the right manner. This short blonde bob with bangs is the best way of going for blonde hair for the first time.


7. Straight Blunt Lob

If there is a bob which looks intense and oddly comforting at the same time, it is this blunt bob. The hair is cut to the same length and is straightened to achieve that perfect blunt bob with bangs on black hair.


8. Short Stacked Bob

French bangs have a charm of their own which makes everyone adore them. This lovely bob is worth a shot this season with the cute bangs at the front.


9. Natural Bob with Bangs

The natural short bobs are the cutest ones for black women, aren’t they? This natural bangs on bob hairstyle gets classier and more impressive with the gentle and soft bangs swept to a side at the front.


10. Short Black Bob with Long Bangs

black women's short bob with long bangs

Who said that bangs always must be cropped short? Nobody did! So, why not have an adorable short bob with some long bangs for black girls to show the fun and unbridled side of yours?


11. Medium Bob

This is an intense and sexy hairstyle for Afro-American women who love to look as hot as they can be. The bangs are quite short which make you look even more intense and stylish. You can cut your bangs slightly longer if you want to, but the bob looks fine in this blunt style.


12. Funky Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This black bob with bangs is absolutely worth falling in love with. The hair is cut in all the sharp angles and falls down the sides of your head in gentle waves with curled bangs swept to a side.


13. Cute Short Angled Bob

Well, if you cannot decide a black hairstyle with bangs you do not have to worry. This is the bob which suits every face cut and every face shape, so you can confidently go for this one if you have any reservations or hesitations.


14. Red Bob Weave with Bangs

If you want to go for a super funky and bold hairstyle for black ladies then this colored bob weave with bangs weave is perfect for you. The bangs are all sleek and straight with just the right symmetry to them that you cannot help liking.


15. Pixie Bob with Colored Bangs

pixie bob with colored bangs for black women

This is the pixie bob on black hair with bangs done right since the bob is all angles and short messy hair with the bangs colored olive green.


These are some of the best bobs with bangs for black hair that we have hand picked for you. Have fun trying them on!