8 Simple Brown Wavy Hair Ideas for Women

There is a  lot of choice with a brown wavy haircut because there are so many different shades of brown and so many different types of waves. We will try to show you a quick selection of our latest hairstyle list. It features a range of some of the most popular looks of the moment.


Brown Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair is actually one of the most common hair types in the world because hair is rarely poker-straight without some sort of intervention. However, women, many want a different type of waves. Waves can be created by rag rolling hair or by using curlers.

Brushing through proper curls will soften and separate the curls out to give a wavy look instead. A wavy look can also be achieved through a chemical perm. You may also like the pageboy haircuts.

Long and Thick Hair

brown wavy haircut

Wavy hair looks great when it is long, thick and luscious. Make sure that you use a nourishing shampoo with a long thick hairstyle to reduce split ends. If you have short and thick hair, try these hairstyles.


Light Frizz

A lightly frizzy style tends to look more voluminous than a hairstyle which is straight and sleek. Frizz your hair up to give extra volume to your look.

Mid-Length Wavy Hairstyle Examples


Long Bob with Bangs

Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs

A long bob is a great look for women who are cool and casual. Heavy bangs will help to give your style a bit of intensity and will draw attention to your eyes.


Brown and Blonde Ombré Bob

brown wavy haircut

Ombre hairstyles subtly change from one color to another from the roots to the tips. Blonde and brown work really well with one another.


Shaggy Bob

Bobs are an eternally popular hairstyle. Cut in a little bit of layering and do some choppy cuts in your style to create a beautiful modern mid-length brown wavy hairstyles.


Waves and Curls

Mix light waves and curls for a truly gorgeous long haircut. Use curling tongs to curl your hair away from your face. This helps to open up your face a bit more.


Crimped Waves

Crimping creates gorgeous light waves that are completely uniform. Always use the heat protecting serum if you are using a heated device to create crimped waves.


Mid-length Side Bangs

shoulder length wavy hairstyle

A light mid-length cut is a refreshing choice for women during the summer. Sweeping side bangs will help to keep your hair out of your eyes.

The Best Undercut Hairstyles for Women


Now that you know how to create waves, you can experience the benefits of a brown wavy hairstyle. Choose something gorgeous and glamorous for your next look.

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