50 Cascading Waterfall Braid Hairstyles for Glamorous Women

A waterfall braid is the name which is given to a braided style where much of the hair is still down. The braid itself often wraps around the head at a certain point and the rest of the hair is able to cascade down from it. This is how the waterfall braid took its name. Some waterfall styles are up-dos but the hair is able to cascade down in different ways.


Practice makes perfect for amazing waterfall braid hairstyles

At first, waterfall braid hairstyles may seem hard to do, but once you learn how to do them then you will find that they are much easier than you think. Practice on a friend’s hair before moving onto your own, and you will soon be able to create a whole range of waterfall styles. However, some of the styles that you are about to see may still require the help of your stylist. You can also see these amazing fishtail braid styles.


#1: Stepped Side Braid

waterfall braid hairstyles 4-min

This amazing effect is created by alternating which sections of hair are included in the braid. For each new section of hair that you take from the top to include in your braid, you should drop a section of hair out of the braid at the bottom.


#2: Double Feeder Side Braid

waterfall braid hairstyles for cute girl

Create a braid close to the top of your head with sections of hair that drop out as new pieces are pulled in from the roots. Use the sections of hair which drop out of the top braid to feed into the secondary braid.

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#3: Mixed Braid

waterfall braid combo

This style transforms from a standard plaited style into a French braid style when the two sides meet in the middle at the back of the head.


#4: Diagonal Braid with Curls

waterfall braid for girls hair

This diagonal waterfall braid is perfect for wedding hair. Use a curling wand to create beautiful flowing curls coming out of the bottom of the plait.


#5: Knotted Braids

waterfall braid hairstyles 1-min

Try something a little bit different by going for chunky knot-style braids instead. Leave your hair free flowing beneath the knots or style it however you would like. These loose curls look great.