How to Style Side Braids with Weave: 11 Ideas

Experimenting with your hair becomes super fun when you learn how to style your hair with weave. Side braids are a hairdo that can be styled into a hundred different ways. With weave hair it becomes easier to style it.

You can bring all of your hair to one side and give them the shape of  desired braids, or you can middle part your hair and go for twin side braids. Either way, you are going to look absolutely stunning.

Side weave braids hairstyle will make you stand out of the crowd without putting in a lot of effort.


Fantastic Side Braided Hairstyles with Weave

Below, you can find 11 different ideas on how to style side braids with a weave to choose from:

1. Ginger Braids with Weave

ginger hair side braids with weave

Side braids are a cool style to adopt. For this hairstyle, side part your weave hair and do cornrows into them in a way that all the cornrows are directed towards one direction, giving the style the name. Style those braids by using ribbons.


2. Side French Braids

side french braid with weave

If you want to know how to get this particular hairstyle, then first, you need to cut your weave hair into a bob. Side part your hair, leaving side-swept bangs.

Take the hair from the other side and divide them into four sections. Knit each section into reverse French braids through the mid-length of the head. Secure each braid with ribbons to give the rest of the hair the shape of ponytails.


3. Side Braids with Beads

side braids with weave and beads

If you want to get this amazing look for yourself, then braid cornrows into your hair and stretch them to one side.

Once you are done with the braids, style those braids to middle length with colorful beads and add some metal rings too. This side braids weave hairstyle is perfect for school going girls.


4. Blonde Cornrow Braids

blonde side braids with weave

Styling side braided hairstyle with weave isn’t really rocket science. To get this particular, first, get a blonde weave or you can get the hair extension dyed in a blonde shade.

After the hair color, go for an extreme side part and bring all of your hair to one side and knit them into clean cornrows. Throw those cornrows over your shoulder to look fabulous.


5. Braided Space Buns

side braided space bun with weave

If you want to achieve this majestic look, then divide your hair into an “S” shape and weave all the hair into side cornrows.

Pull all the cornrows up and round them into braided space buns. This is an amazing hairdo that makes you appear a hairstyle icon.


6. Side Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids is for the cool look you want for your everyday style. For this weave hairdo, color your hair into brown and golden blonde. Grab all of your hair and plait the braid and put them to one side of the face.


7. Side Box Braids for Long Hair

A side braid isn’t only for short hair, but actually, it goes really well with long hair too. For this hairdo, get a long hair extension and push them to one side.

Now, braid all of that hair to the sides to get this chic box braids with weave look.


8. Braids with High Side Ponytail

If punk subculture is your thing, then ask your stylist to dye your hair into pink and purple strands, leaving the roots dark.

Knit flat diagonal Dutch braids which ultimately end on a side high ponytail. Leave some front fringes for added perfection.


9. Side Pull-through Braids 

For a classic hairstyle, go with pull-through braids with weave. Get a big braid to the side starting from the crown, stretch the braided hair and secure it with a rubber band.

You can also style this hairdo with beads and ribbons.


10. Blue Box Braids

colored side braids with weave

For a majestically refreshing hairstyle, opt for blue braids. Get your hair dyed into blue and make them fall to the side.


11. Stitch Braids

curly hair side braids with weave

For this boho look side part your curly weave hair and bring them over your one shoulder. Braid all the hair into thin and medium braids and swept them to the side. Leave the lower hair into messy curls for added perfection.


Styling side braids with weave should not be a thing to be worried about anymore. Check these amazing looks out and you will be able to do it yourself.

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