5 Easy to Make Side French Braids for Long-Haired Divas

If you have long locks, there are so many hairstyles to choose from. Most of the time, women just don’t have an opportunity to deal with complicated hairstyles and that’s where easy side French braids come in. French braids are the simplest braids out there, which doesn’t make them any less beautiful. There are many different variations people have come up with when it comes to making French braids. Long locks are perfect for different braid experiments, one of which is side braid. By browsing through a few stylish options, you can send your imagination in the right direction.


How to Make a Side French Braid Bun

One of the most common side French braid hairstyles is side French braid bun. This is a great hairstyle for special occasions. If you don’t have long enough hair to create a voluminous bun, you might want to consider hair extensions.

  1. Choose the side you want to make the French braid on. Part the hair on that side. Take a large section of the hair in the front and divide it into three equal sections for braiding.
  2. Start using the standard French braiding technique to braid the hair. Direct the braid diagonally so it goes toward the back of your head.
  3. Keep taking sections of hair along the way from either side. Continue braiding until you get to the back of your head.
  4. Now take the hair from the left-hand side and incorporate it into a braid. Continue braiding until you have a braid done.
  5. Once the braid is ready to arrange it into a bun. You’ll need plenty of pins to keep the braided bun together. You might want to consider using a hairspray to make the hairstyle appear neater.


Inspiring Side French Braids

Side French braids are simple yet they give any hairstyle a certain extra oomph to make you stand out of the crowd. There are many ways to approach braiding your hair, but a side braid adds asymmetry. Whether you have long and thick locks or medium-length and fine hair, a side French braid always looks good. In fact, women with short hair can take advantage of such braids as well since they don’t really require any special length. Horizontal side braids look great on bobs.


#1. Front Side

Side French Braids For Long hairstyle

This front side French braid is perfect for women who want to add neatness to their long hair. You start braiding at one side and go around the top of your head to another. You can make the braid tight or loose.


#2. Double Braid

Double Side French Braid Bun

Now that you know how to create a side French braid bun, you can make a double hairstyle. This double masterpiece is just as easy to make as a single one. You just need to take two strands of hair for braiding instead of one.


#3. Pretty Asymmetry

Asymmetry Side French Braids For Long hair

This is the case when a braid doesn’t just make your hair look stunning and neat, it ads you some serious style. Making such a braid is as easy as pie. Braid it above your ear and down the back of your head. Attach it to rest of your hair with pins or let it hang loose.


#4. The simpler the Better

This is a combination of a front side braid and a loose French braid hairstyle. Girls with medium-length hair can enjoy this style. When the braid runs around your head and ends in a ponytail (or braid), it seems as if your hair is longer than it really is.


#5. Ponytail Addition

Ponytail Side French Braids For Long hairstyle

This is another hairstyle for women with shorter hair but it can look great on long hair as well. You make an easy side French braid on either side or both and allow them to end in a ponytail. This is a good choice for girls with fine locks.

Stylish Long Hairstyles


An easy French side braid can be a real savior on many occasions. It keeps your hair looking neat and beautiful without too much hassle. These braids have been popular for centuries and don’t seem to go out of style.