15 Fabulous French Braids with Weaves

If you wear a weave in your hair to add length, texture, or volume then that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment by adding new styles to your hair.

A fabulous French braid is a perfect place to start as it is easy to create, and doesn’t require any damaging heat styling. Simply use a texturizing spray to add texture to your hair and ensure that it will hold in place once you begin adding your braids.

When creating French braids in natural hair you are advised to pull your hair as tightly as possible to ensure the finished result is neat. However, when creating French braids with weaves, it is important to handle your hair more gently to ensure that you don’t damage it.


How to Wear a French Braids With a Weave

The beauty of the French braid is that it is a versatile style you can wear almost anywhere. From keeping your hair in place whilst you exercise to showing effortless and no-nonsense glamor in the office, or creating a fashion-forward statement look for a night out, there’s nowhere this hairstyle can’t take you.

As an added bonus, once you have mastered your braiding technique, you can create this style in seconds! Here are 15 fabulous hairstyles that incorporate French braids with weaves that would be easy to replicate at home:


1. French Braid Weave with Statement Bangs

black women French Braids with Weaves hairstyle

Make the most of your bangs and let them do all the talking by pulling your weave into a sleek and sophisticated French braid which begins at the middle of your head rather than at the front, leaving your bangs excluded. You can then style your bangs as you prefer, whilst sweeping your French braid effortlessly over one shoulder.

Different Types of Braid Hairstyles with Weave


2. Double French Braids with Weave

Double French Braids with Weaves hair

Double French Braids have double the impact! Double French braids, also sometimes known as boxer braids, are an incredibly popular hair trend this season. They are easy to wear, and easy to create: simply separate your hair into two even sections, ensuring your parting is as straight as possible, and then create two identical French braids.


3. Side Swept French Braid Halo Hair

Side Swept French holo Braids hairstyle

Pulling your hair to one side and swishing it over your shoulder is the best way to show off just how long and healthy it is! Show off your weave and keep it out of your face at the same time by creating a no-nonsense French braid and halo braid combo. This style takes just minutes to create and is ideal for create a practical and eye-catching look. 


4. French Braid Detailing with Vibrant Pastel Weave

French Braids with Pastel Weaves haircut

French braids are the perfect up do for showing off the depth and texture of your vibrant hair color. If you’re thinking of adding on-trend pastel tones into your hair with a new weave then creating a halo from this hairpiece at the front of your head is the perfect way to ensure it really stands out. You can then wear the rest of your hair long and loose, to show off the length of your extensions.

French Braided Buns


5. French Braid Updos

Up Do French Braids with Weaves hairstyle for women

If you have an ultra-long weave then you can take advantage of your new-found hair length by creating a long French braid that snakes from the front of your head, working along with your hairline, and then twist this braid around itself to create a sophisticated bun-style updo that is perfect for every kind of formal occasion.

Braided Bun Hairstyles


curly french braids with weaves






french braids with weaves and accessories





french braids with weaves

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