How to Do Wrap Around Ponytail + 3 Quick Hairstyles

Ponytail wrap styles are a crying need in recent trend! Many women have a pet peeve when it comes to visible elastic bands on ponytails. Especially if they have none that matches their hair color.

And the struggle becomes unbearable when you know that a ponytail would be a great pick to match your beautiful, elegant dress. You obviously have to do something to hide that hair band. That is why we have explained in three easy steps how to do a wrap around ponytail.


How to Do Wrap Around Ponytail in 3 Easy Steps

How to Do Wrap Around Ponytail

Step 1: If you have previously washed your hair, make sure it is completely dry. Then comb it thoroughly. That’s important because once your hair is smooth, it will be much easier to tie it into a sleek ponytail.

Step 2: If you want to have a curly or wavy ponytail wrap, it is much easier to curl it beforehand. First decide whether you want to part your hair or not, and then use a hair comb to help you tie a sleek ponytail.

Step 3: Tease the ponytail a little bit for a puffed look, especially the underneath parts. Then take a piece from underneath and wrap it carefully around the elastic band, making sure you cover it completely. Secure that hairpiece with a bobby pin underneath the ponytail.


Watch The Following Tutorial of DIY Wrap Around Ponytail


Gorgeous Ponytail Wrap Hairstyles

Following are the 3 trendy hairstyles to wear ponytail wrap for modern women.

Ariana Grande Ponytail

wrap around ponytail for women

Ariana Grande is an icon. And since she’s the absolute queen of the high ponytail wrap, she deserves that we name this hairstyle after her.

How to style: Follow the instructions that we have described above. Spend a little extra time on that blowout so that your hair is totally straight. If it’s not long enough, use extensions. Then tie a high wrap around ponytail with the elastic band. Use hair wax to make the hairstyle extra sleek and smooth.

Ariana Grande’s Curly Hairstyles


Ponytail Wrapped with a Braid

braided wrap ponytail hairstyle

Braids are an even cuter and more romantic version when you want to wrap around a ponytail. Plus, it is also universal – it works on straight, wavy, or curly hair.

How to style: After you’ve positioned and tied your ponytail where you wanted it to be and styled the hair to your preference, you should know that you can wrap a braid around the hair band. Instead of wrapping the piece of hair as it is, braid it first and then do the rest as described.


Low Ponytail with a Thick Wrap

Low Ponytail Wrap

On this ponytail wrap hairstyle, you can see how great a low invisible ponytail can look and how you can decide on the thickness of the piece that you wrap around ponytail with based on the volume and length of the ponytail.

How to style: Use extensions for extra length and volume. Tease the hair on top and tie it in a very low bun. Use a bigger chunk of hair to wrap around it.


Wrap around ponytail is no nuclear science, but it is a great trick to bring a ponytail together and make it your new favorite ponytail wrap hairstyle option.