55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

6. A Touch of Rose Red


Dark red hair looks especially appealing with a touch of rose red hues. While on their own rose red might not be the choice of everyone, it looks magnificent as partial highlights.

Rose Gold Hair Colors


7. Ginger Hair

brown with Ginger auburn color hairstyle

This is a natural shade which is not easy to achieve. Make sure to keep your roots at bay if you decide to sport this color. Otherwise, mixed with dark roots, it will lose all its charm.


8. Red Orange Hair


Light red hairstyle looks perfect coupled with copper shade. If the mix is used correctly, you will get a sun-kissed image achieved on the photo. Ask your hairstylist to work his or her magic.



9. Red Velvet Hair

brite red hair color for young girl

Intense bright red is suitable for girls who are ready to take care of this color. Bright shades dull very easily and they need constant touch-ups. Go for this color, if you are not afraid of the challenge.


10. Light Red Wine Hair

Light red wine hair for girls

This color stands on the threshold of natural. If done right it can be a wonderful choice for girls with silver strands. However, if just a little more redness is added, you will get a dark cherry brown shade.