25 Refined Ivy League Haircuts for Smart Guys

Ivy League haircuts are always in style. So, if you don’t know which one to choose, go for ivy league. All men out there, from the smallest toddler to the most respected senior, can try this hairstyle at least once in their lifetime. There is a great variety of Ivy League haircuts for any face or hair type. They range from short to long and from neat to a little outrageous. College boys love them, office workers appreciate them. They fit anybody. These cuts are easy to manage, which is another reason for their popularity. Most of the time they don’t need any hair cosmetics or special brushing.


The Best Ivy League Haircuts for Men

The classical Ivy League haircut is a variation of crew cuts. The accent of this style is on the top hair, which is long enough to make a side part. This hairstyle can be created with bangs of different length. It is also sometimes called Harvard clip or a Princeton cut. All the names clearly point to a clean cut style, which is perfect for just any occasion. We prepared a list of the most popular Ivy League haircuts for you to check out. Consider your face type and the amount of time you are ready to spend on styling. Once these parameters are set you, can easily choose the style to suit you best.


1. Textured Ivy League Hairstyle

ivy League Haircut for Men

This textured cut is great for men with dark blond thick hair. There is no variation from the classics, so the sleek look is guaranteed. All that needs to be done is adding some texture to the top part and brushing it to the side. No gel needed.

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2. Ivy League waves

ivy league haircut for men

What do you do if your hair is wavy? Forget about Ivy League? No way. Wavy hair looks great if the haircut is properly made. Leave some hair on top to make the side part and cut it short on the sides. This will create a great Ivy League look. Wavy hair will need some hair gel to stay neat.


3. Blond Ivy League

short and blonde ivy league haircut

Men with blond hair can go for this stylish blond Ivy League hairstyle, which requires almost no maintenance. The shortly trimmed sides look shaved due to their light color and the top textured part creates a great neat look. You can also check similar new short haircuts & hairstyles for boys here.


4. Short spikes

30 Most Popular ivy League Haircutsfor Men 20-min

If you are ready to deal with some hair gel, go for short spikes. This variation of Ivy League haircut is a little outrageous. However, it still looks fantastic. Instead of making an obvious part, spike the hair a little with your fingers.


5. Comb over

ivy league haircuts you like

Combing over your hair is allowed for any Ivy League haircut. Just don’t forget to make a clear part. These haircuts most popular can be styled with your fingers. So, take some hair gel and go for it. Longer comb-overs might require some brushing.

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