23 Cute Looks With Dutch Fishtail Braids

Girls love to style their hair and Dutch fishtail braid is a unique way to get a stylish look. Braids are becoming a popular choice among girls. Whether they are going to college or going to a party, they like to make different hairstyles.


Dutch Fishtail Braids

Dutch Fishtail braid is a cute innovative version of the dutch braids & fishtail braids but it needs some practice to make a neat fishtail braid.  Once you master this style, you can create awesome hairstyles using it. We present you  23 of the best Dutch Fishtail braids hairstyles you can rock any day.

1. The Relaxed Dutch Fishtail Braid

 Dutch fishtail Braid hairstyle for women

This is the most common Dutch Fishtail braided hairstyle that girls love to adopt while attending some party or going to concerts. It doesn’t require much time, and you can easily style it without much hard work. It is good for those who don’t want to bother much and tie up their hair in a short time.

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2. Braided Side

Dutch Fishtail side braid style

This is an awesome dutch braided style for girls who have long and somewhat curly hair. This style gives an overall attractive look to the wearer.  Some girls love to decorate their braided side fishtail braid with pearls or beads, especially attending a wedding event. This style is better suited for hair with curls, so if you have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to get some curls.


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3. Wrapped Around

women Dutch Fishtail braid hairstyle

This style is a combination of braid and bun. First, you need to make a Dutch fishtail braid, and then you will wrap this braid like ahead band all over your head. This gives off a superb look and the best style for when you want to look gorgeous and uber-stylish. 

Consider wearing this style on a date with a special someone. The girl can tie the braid with bobby pins to keep the style tight and neat.

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4. Front Bangs and Messy Fishtail Braid

Bangs and Messy Fishtail Braid hairstyle

It is a braid style suitable for girls having a haircut with layers. They can make this braid to tie up all the hair easily which is not often possible in other braids due to layers.  Use elastic bands to hold the braid together. 

You can add a ribbon throughout this Dutch Fishtail Braid style or decorate it with anything you want.  This is a simple fishtail braid style that gives off an innocent and decent look in combination with bangs. The messy look of the fishtail also adds to the effortless look.

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5. Thick Dutch Fishtail Braid Ponytail

women Thick Dutch Fishtail Braid style

It is a formal braided look that you can do for a special occasion or even a red carpet entry. This dutch braided fishtail hairstyle suits a variety of occasions.  This is more like a simple Dutch Fishtail braid, but the normal fishtail braid is thickened by pulling hair from all sides.  This gives off a thick and heavy look to the braid.


6. Classic Dutch Fishtail Braid

A fishbone hairstyle can be a proper alternative for someone who loves braids and wears French braids and Dutch braids too much. Dutch Fishtail, as its name suggests, is a combination of two braids into one.

This combination results in an elegant and extravagant look. This Dutch fishtail hairstyle is a perfect example of exactly that.


7. Voluminous Side Fishtail Braid

If you have long hair that’s thick and beautiful, you could try out this variation of a Dutch fishtail. Instead of being focused on the central part of the head, the braid weighs towards one side specifically.

To make the braid look like it has more volume, the sides of the braids are pulled out to make the braid have a more unkempt look.


8. Half Dutch Crown Braid

Half-up, half-down hair can come off as an extremely feminine hairstyle, especially when a braid has been added to it. This hairstyle can pass as both a casual one and a hairstyle, which is a little more sophisticated and perfect for a special occasion. This braid style is the definition of simple and elegant.


9. Dutch Braid Bun

Are you looking for simple updo’s that look much more complicated than they come off? This braided updo is exactly that. The braid starts at the top of the head to the back and is then included into a messy bun that’s pinned down. This look with Dutch fishtail braid for an event like prom or something similar.


10. The Edgier Braided Pigtails

dutch fishtail braided pigtails

If you are a girl who wants to opt for the edgier look as opposed to the more feminine braid hairstyle, this one fits the bill perfectly.

The two fishtail braids that start right at the front and continue to the back of the head were it’s been secured is a fun hairstyle you could wear to school. To make the look appear more professional wrap hair around the hair tie and complete the look.


11. Loose Dutch Braid

Dutch fishtail looks aren’t just for young women; elderly women look good if not even better in it, can also sport them with perfect grace. This fishtail look is looser than the ones mentioned before; this loose technique creates a beautiful flow in the hairstyle.


12. Intricate Dutch Fishtail Hairstyle

Incorporating braids of the same kind in different sizes can often be a great way to pull off a hairstyle. This particular hairstyle has three fishtail Dutch braids, all in different sizes.

To pull the look together, all these braids have been brought together and have been neatly secured into one bun. This hairstyle comes under the category of an extravagant updo and hence, could be worn accordingly. 


13. Thin Braids

This hairstyle is much more of a bohemian vibe type. If you are someone who personally prefers that look; this one is a great fit.

The hairstyle might come off as complicated when, in reality, its four thin braids simple crisscrossed over each other. If you have naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle could look extremely attractive on your hair.


14. Dutch Fishtail + Exciting Accents

Huge clips, as well as pins that are either heavily studded with pearls or rhinestones, are a significant trend as of now. In this hairstyle, you get to use those accents with a Dutch style fishtail braid. The look overall has a cute, appealing aura; it can be worn with curly or wavy hair towards the bottom to take it up a notch. 


15. Neatly Braided Across

dutch fishtail braid

Having braids being braided in different directions can often look exquisite. If you are looking for a simple way to spice it up, this hairstyle is a must-try for you!


16. Mohawk Braids

If you look at this hairstyle, you will quickly realize how many people have recently been sporting it! This braid starts high up just like you would braid a French one and slowly progresses into a much thicker braid. This hairstyle is perfect for a quick on the go look, which is delightful and charming to look at.


17. Blue Highlights and Braids

Highlights look extremely ravishing when they are braided as you can see both the colors being intertwined. This Dutch fishtail braid focused towards one side is an exciting way to style your highlights without any extra trouble.


18. Messy Dutch French Braid

This Dutch braid hairstyle is ideal for anyone with bright colored highlights and long luscious hair.

The braid here is started high as the crown and then braided right unto the bottom; the only difference in this one is how much is pulled apart. If you are looking for a messy look, this is something you should try.


19. Crown Fishtail Braid

This crown braid has a very princess style as well as outwardly appeal to it. It is perfect for an occasion where you desire to look feminine and innocent. This hairstyle is much easier to achieve that you would imagine, hence give it a go.


20. Dutch Braided Updo With Pearls

dutch fishtail braided crown

This royal updo consists of multiple Dutch fishtail braids pinned around the length of the head and finished off with pearl accents. This hairstyle is great for any extravagant occasions such as a wedding or prom.


21. Elegant Dutch Fishtail Hairdo

This hairdo mimics a waterfall-based on how it is placed. It is a great way to spice up just your regular hair. You could wear this to a date or a fun day out with friends or family.


22. Bangs +Braids +Curls

dutch fishtail braid with bangs

Here, the Dutch fishtail hairdo acts as a hairband, perfectly complementing the bangs towards the front. This hairdo is a simple way of adding and extra element, making the hairstyle look quintessential. Add curls to the bottom of the hair to add more volume and to pull the look together.


23. High Ponytail

girl with dutch fishtail braid hairstyle

This Dutch fishtail braid acts more like an accessory to the high pony rather than the center of attraction here. This a marvelous way of just spicing up an everyday look to school or otherwise. It is easy to do and results in a blissful and heavenly look.

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