21 Epic Fishtail French Braids To Inspire You

Even though fishtail French braids are probably the most complex and difficult kind of braids you can select, they are the ultimate spring break look. So, for all of the girls who love to party until we drop yet want a hairstyle that is practical with a longer lifespan, fishtail braids are the answer.


Step by Step Fishtail French Braids Tutorial

Fishtail French braids may look more complicated than they look. However, with our easy peasy tutorial and the numerous styling tips and tricks, nothing can seem so difficult anymore. Therefore, put your reading glasses on and get ready to be guided throughout all the steps needed to get it done. Because all you need to know is visualized in this YouTube tutorial video below.


Items and Tools Needed:

  1. Hair Brush.
  2. Hair Band.
  3. Hair spray for extra grip and fixation.

Duration: It takes up to 7 – 10 minutes.

Skill level: Medium.


Thus, to sum up the steps above:

  1. Take a section of hair.
  2. Divide it into two.
  3. Take a small section from the right piece, cross it over, and add it to the left piece.
  4. Take a small section from the left piece, cross it over, and add it to the right piece.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 along with adding a small section of hair from both sides each time.
  6. Continue braiding until all the hair is added in.
  7. Gently loosen the braid by pulling out the edges.
  8. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band and add a pretty hair clip to finish it off.

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Popular Fishtails French Braids for Women

Despite being a hairstyle that is both time consuming and arm straining, yet the results are totally worth all that trouble. So, that is all considering the step-by-step tutorial. However, just like any other hairstyle, here are 21 different kinds of fishtail French braids to go with every outfit of your exceptional wardrobe. Thus, check out our digital catalog below to get to know all about them.


#1. Braided Headgear

glamorous Fishtail French Braid hairstyle for girl

For a messy yet glamorous design, you can go with the braided ponytail that goes all around your head like an organic headband. Yep, that’s another way to save the planet! So, all you have to do is drag your fishtail pony and wrap it around your head. And don’t forget to secure it with a few bobby pins, because “just in case”.


#2. Split In Two

classic ponytail with French Braid hairstyle for girl

Get yourself the ultimate party hairstyle combo by combining a loose classic ponytail, swirly conch shell tops, and double the trouble with not just one but two fishtail French braids. Because it can’t get any cooler than that!


#3. Side Fishtail French Braids

Side Fishtail French Braid for asian women

Best Fishtail Braids to Copy

Going with the classic side look, braiding your hair like this works best intimate and romantic events. So, wear it if you are going out on a first date, celebrating your anniversary, or attending your best friend’s classy wedding. Because nothing yells a romantic cutie more than side fishtail French braids.


#4. Wrapped Around

curly with Fishtail French Braid hairstyle

This hairstyle best works for girls with thick and curly hair with volume enough to show off the fuzz and frizz. So, if you are looking for a jazzy theme fishtail braid, this is definitely the right one for you. And all you need to do is start with braiding from the end point of your head as you wrap it around using bobby pins. And don’t worry about the randomness of the shape that you end up with because it only adds up to you’re sleek styling points. Because nowadays-messier hairstyles just mean more dynamic feels.


#5. Royal Crown

Royal Crown Fishtail French Braid haircut

For a majestic princess look, you should think about creating your very own crown out of fishtail French braids. Thus, you need to:

  1. Take one small section of hair from both sides of your hair.
  2. Braid each one until you reach the middle.
  3. Pin them together.

Voilà! You’ve got the medieval princess look.

Tip: This works best for a ballroom event or a formal dance gala. And if you feel like a full-time princess, you can make it your everyday look.


#6. Faux Fishtail French Braid

 Fishtail French Braid

Because everybody knows girls have fast mood swings that make them crave long braided hairstyles one second and pixie haircuts right after that, we had to come up with some kind of solution to this kind of crazy dilemmas.

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So, for girls who don’t have hair long enough to create a normal braid, faux fishtail French braids are the answer to all of your prayers.  Simply, buy the extensions that most suit your hair type and color and flaunt whatever braid comes to your mind.

Tip: Don’t forget to regularly wash your faux hair otherwise it will be doomed with unpleasant textures and odors forever.


#7. Reverse French Braid

simple Fishtail French Braid hairstyle for girl

When you are in a rush to head out of the door, then this is the right design for you. Therefore, this goes out to all of you girls who opt for something simple, quick, and easy yet highly stylish. So, whether it’s a summer cookout, a fun day at the beach, or some kind of annual family reunion, this braid would fit just perfectly.


#8. Time Is Money

For longer hair, more time is needed to braid. Yet braids are most popular when practical hairstyles are needed. They can fit for sporty occasions like your daily afternoon jog or for stroll in the park with your gal pals.

Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Tip: The smaller the strands you use, the better your braid will look. However, it can take forever!! So, it all depends on your patience and time for dressing up.


#9. The Relaxed Fishtail French Braid

Nevertheless, there’s always the relaxed and messy fishtail braid is one of the grand red carpet looks. It is widely popular because it is capable of adding formality to your look as well as makes you feel extremely comfortable at the same time. So, if you are going to prom, to a wedding, or business dinner this hairstyle is the one and only thing you need.


#10. Rock Star Look

 twist Fishtail French Braid hairstyle

Finally, for a rock and roll diva look you can wear it as a hung tight fishtail pony that looks great for going to a concert with your friends or actually being the “on the road” diva of the event. Moreover, it’s a party look that will never disappoint you.

Best Updos for Women


two fishtail french braids





fishtail french braided updo






blonde hair with fishtail french braids


fishtail french braids with bun


In a nutshell, fishtail French braids are the modern twist version of classic braids. So, for an ultra chic look yet practical and cute you will definitely need one to get through your fashion crisis. So pick out of the designs above and we guarantee you will never regret it.

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