12 Inspiring Medium Hairstyles with Side Bangs

The side bangs on medium hair are the most suitable hairstyles for individual who likes to keep an easy go lucky look. It is one of the most convenient and stylish haircuts, and a lot of hairdos can be made on it.

The side bangs add on to a funky and stunning touch to a simple medium hairstyle and make it attractive. This is a perfect hairstyle for individuals who don’t want to risk a short hairstyle and at the same time can’t really manage a long hairstyle.


Side Bangs – How to Wear It with Medium Hair

medium hairstyle with side bangs

Side bangs are shortly chopped hair strands which cover the forehead asymmetrically from short to long behind the ears. The side bangs hairstyle for medium hair, as they add beauty to a simple hairdo. These and very convenient as they help in structuring a face and also helps in hiding a huge forehead and also at times helps in hiding pigmentations of hair loss at areas on the forehead due to continuous pull of hair strands in one direction.

With medium hair, one can simply style it is many ways, like tying up the hair into a sleek high pony and brushing the bangs backward, a side braid can be tied with the bangs casually left to fall on the forehead. Hair puffs can be made with leaving the bangs to cover the forehead. The medium side bangs looks perfect and add beauty and style to it.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Style Side Bangs with Medium Hair


How to Style Shoulder-length Hair with Bangs and Layers

How to Style Shoulder-Length Hair with Bangs and Layers

Everyone who is looking to style bangs and layers with their shoulder-length hair should definitely try styling their hair with different sorts of buns. The buns do not just only add volume and density to the hair actually helps in putting the bangs at their exact place. Also, the layers will make the bun a messy one, and the trend of messy bun can be easily followed with shoulder-length hair along with side bangs and layers.


Popular Side Bangs Ideas for Medium Hair

Following are the 12 trendiest medium haircuts with side bangs for women explore this summer. Go through the styles and you’ll love them right away.

1. Subtle Wavy Haircut with Bangs

medium wavy hair with side bangs

The way medium shoulder length haircut is the most convenient haircut for women who don’t want to overdo but at the same time want something simple and classy. While the wavy shoulder-length haircut is simple, the side bangs add classiness to it. It is very suitable as it is easy to manage and looks effortlessly beautiful.


2. Cute Layers with Side Bangs

medium hair with layered side bangs

If simplicity had a name in the form haircut a beautiful hairstyle of simple layers along with stunning bangs would be it. This side bangs for medium length layer cut adds volume to the hair and makes it look filled.

The side layered bangs add texture and shape to it and adjust it to the other layers alongside. A lot of experiments can be done with bangs. They can be combed towards the sides or even at the center. They even can be pinned upwards into puffs.


3. Medium Layers with Long Bangs

medium layered hair with side bangs

Making bouncy layers is always a great choice for medium straight hair. It gives such hair a lot of volumes and makes them look very fashionable. Long side bangs just add to the mid length haircut and give this look some special zest, which only the bangs can provide.


4. Messy Low Bun

Messy Bun with Side Bangs for medium hair

To pull off a casual yet gorgeous look, all one needs to do with their medium hair with side bang is to tie it up in a messy bun and let the bangs play on the forehead. This easy and quick hairstyle is a queen for all events.

One can simply style this with any type of closet and look. It blends into every look and adds a sober and subtle beauty to an individual. It is one of the most professional and tidy hairdos which is stylish and casual at the same time.


5. Side Swept Bangs

women with medium hair and side bangs

A casual step cut with side bangs on medium hair is the most common and comfortable hairstyle. It is natural and naturally beautiful that it hardly needs any added style to it.

One can simply untie the hair and just comb it for any occasion or event as it is beautiful naturally. The bangs on side help in giving a structure to the face and makes the beauty of this hairstyle more effortless.


6. Side Combed Bangs with Braids

side swooped bangs

The long bangs help make an appearance of volume on top of the head. Medium hairdo with side part bangs needs special maintenance, so sweeping the bangs on the side and braiding the rest is a great idea. Such hairstyle is very practical.


7. Medium Beach Waves with Bangs

wavy hair with side short bangs

This hairstyle of shoulder length hair with short bangs on side covering the forehead is a classic hairstyle. It is very subtle and gives a very tidy and formal look.

The side bangs medium haircut give place for a perfectly lined hairline and also helps in hiding the small baby hair. This bangs sticks on to the forehead and hardly causes a disturbance.


8. Side Thick Bangs with High Ponytail

thick side bangs style for medium length hair

This hairstyle of pairing a high voluminous ponytail along with bangs swept to the side which are shoulder length is the most beautiful styling one can ever do with mid-length hair along with side bangs.

This hairstyle helps an individual in looking tall and as well as sleek. The long shoulder bangs highlight the cheeks bones and jawline. This hairstyle is very convenient and as well as attractive and beautiful.


9. Sleek Medium Layers

The sleek layers make this medium haircut with bangs on side look outstanding. The layered hair as well as the bangs look more voluminous and give the hair a pronounced look. Adding some waves or curls will make this hairstyle even more special.


10. Pigtails with Side Bangs

Casual Braids with Side Bangs

This is the most casual medium side bangs hairstyle of tying up hair into two braids or rather messy braids and let the bangs rest on one side of the forehead casually. This is a simple yet very subtle hairdo. One can pull this hairstyle off at fun occasions.


11. Modest Straight Hair

side bangs for medium straight hair

A medium haircut along with side part bangs when straightened adds a simple touch of silkiness and subtleness to the hair. It makes it easier for individuals to maintain healthy hair and at the same time trying attractive hairdos. Its adds effortless beauty to the hair and makes it feel soft and smooth.


12. Curly Hair with Side Part

side swept bangs for medium curls

Lucky owners of thick and wavy hair don’t need to do anything at all to keep the volume up. Side bangs style on medium length hair will do the job for them. It is important to keep the bangs long enough to provide the voluminous look without covering the eyes.


The medium length of hair is the most suitable length for one and all as it is convenient for them to style it accordingly. On the other hand, the side swept bangs add effortless beauty to any simple hairstyle. Hence, the side bangs for medium hair is the best hairstyle and is also the most preferred one of all times.

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